The Donutccino Is A Breakfast Revelation

When you think of the classic pairing of coffee and doughnuts, it may bring to mind a policeman taking a break from his beat or Homer Simpson, but one coffee shop in Queen's Astoria neighborhood is giving this breakfast combo a drool-worthy makeover. "The Donutccino" is coffee with doughnuts in it, but it's also so, so much more. This crafty creation isn't your typical weak diner coffee trying its best to soften a stale doughnut — it's a high-end morning treat.

Gossip Coffee, which opened its doors a little less than a year ago, is making waves in the world of sweets. This trendy brew hub is dressing up the specialty cold brew coffee with a dollop of silky whip cream, chocolate sauce, rainbow sprinkles, and crowns the concoction with the chef's mini doughnuts. The man behind these yeasty pillows is none other than "Scottish" Francis Legge, who was a contestant on the fifth season of the popular reality show MasterChef. He impressed the judges back in 2014 with his masterful doughnuts, made from his grandmother's secret recipe, and was dubbed the "Donut King" by Gordon Ramsey. Always thinking outside the box, Gossip Coffee's doughnuts change flavors daily. Top that coffee with orange creamsicle, prosciutto Guinness, the everything, or lemon poppy seed.

You can even try all three, as there is no limit to how many donuts you can fit on your Donutccino — besides the height of the straw. The price remains a reasonable $6.50 (so you can have doughnuts for dayyyyys!).

This amazing combo will surely merit at least a couple trips to fully satisfy a serious sweet tooth. Francis has even made a vegan cold brew infused doughnut. If one were to slap that on top of a coffee, would it qualify as a red eye? The jitters might be worth it to find out.

If you want to keep your caffeine intake to a minimum and push your sugar index to the max, you can request that the Donutccino be made with chocolate milk or strawberry milk. Gossip Coffee is open seven days a week, and if you are in need of a doughnut nightcap they keep doors open till 9 p.m.

The Donutccino is perfect for summer, and oh-so Instagram worthy. Plenty of converts have posted pictures of these towering treats on social media and hyped it up. New Yorkers are not easily won over, but one Instagram user even calls the Donutccino the "Beyoncé of coffee," says Lonely Planet. What's even better? It's portable, and you can enjoy it anywhere — especially Gossip Coffee's adorable backyard. I strongly suggest that in honor of National Doughnut Day (which is today!) we all make an effort to try this morning dessert.

I know it's not polite to say "gimme," but...

Images: GossipCoffee/Facebook, GossipCoffee/Instagram, GossipCoffee/Twitter