Watch These Dads Do Their Daughters' Makeup

The relationship between a father and daughter is truly special — but just because the man taught you how to throw a baseball or weed a garden, doesn't mean that he has the skills necessary to hold a blush brush. In BuzzFeed's latest video offering, the strength of familial bonds is tested when dads do their daughters' makeup. It seems coloring within the lines is surprisingly difficult.

While I may not be the best at applying makeup, and still have absolutely no idea how to contour without turning myself into a clown-demon, at least I know what products go where. After years of futzing around in makeup stores, I know how to apply mascara without clumps, liquid liner with a fairly steady hand (at least on one eye), and my lipstick usually stays within my lip line. All in all, I can do a reasonable job. But put that bronzer in the hands of a novice and you'd be right to anticipate that things might go off the rails.

Before the makeup bags even came out, the daughters were a bit apprehensive. One daughter was concerned for her safety. "I don't want my eyes getting poked out," she said nervously. The dads were just as worried, as all three had little to no experience with cosmetics (though one admitted to helping his mother apply false eyelashes). The dads seemed to think that putting on makeup is just like painting. One dad, who works as an artist, boasted, "I am the best makeup artist in the world." Another father, when unsure which part of the face to start with, tried to harken back to familiar experience, looking at his daughter quizzically saying, "When you paint walls in houses, you're supposed to start at the top and work down." Each dad did their best but it was a bumpy road:

Opening The Makeup: The Struggle Is Real

I have confronted this same challenge, so I can't blame the dads for having problems opening the tiny clasps on the powder containers. The artist dad especially struggled — after several attempts to figure out how to open one box of eyeshadow, the daughter remained positive and encouraging, saying, "You're so close." No word on whether that eyeshadow was ever opened.

The Eyes Were A Challenge

Overall, the dads had trouble maintaining a steady hand with the application of eyeshadow. Precision was not their strong suit, and getting the eyeshadow even was beyond their skill level. The mascara on the other hand came out OK — though one dad was a little too excited about the eyelash curler.

The Results Were... Mixed

When the results were revealed, the daughters were certainly surprised. The dad-applied makeup is probably not work appropriate, party appropriate... or life appropriate, for that matter. One brave daughter said, upon seeing her reflection, "I look like the Joker." The dads were fairly pleased with their work. One attested, "I think I can get better. This was just my first time."

Thankfully, makeup can always be washed off.

Check out the entire cringe-worthy video here:

I love you Dad, but after seeing this, I'm not letting you anywhere near my cosmetics bag.

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/Youtube