Prayer Hands Up: Justin Bieber Emojis Are Here

Listen up, Beliebers (and non-Beliebers): If you ever wanted to harass your friends via text with Justin Bieber emojis, here's your chance. The Biebs unveiled his own line of emojis on Friday, following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna, Steph Curry, and Charlie Sheen, all of whom have their own emoji apps as well. (The celebrity emoji is very ~in~ right now.) Bieber's line of emoticons — an emoji keyboard app called Justmoji that retails for $2.99 in the Apple app store — features everything from images of his tattoos ("Patience," Jesus, the joker, and giant cross all included) to cartoon versions of himself blatantly mocking his bad behavior (there's a mop bucket of pee, in particular). In fact, the best part of Justin Bieber's "Justmojis" is that they poke fun at his ridiculousness, and that alone is worth the almost $3 download.

It's no secret that Bieber's questionable choices have made headlines over the years: Things like egging a neighbor's house (and his subsequent $80,000 fine) and his most recent announcement that he will no longer be taking pictures with fans. Is it too late now to say sorry? Maybe it is, but it's definitely never too late to make fun of your own antics via emoji.

Look at the smorgasbord we have here (and again, these are just the ones mocking Bieber's behavior): There's a distressed cartoon Bieber holding a bucket with the words "I gotta pee" scrawled across the image (obviously a reference to that time he urinated in a mop bucket). There's Bieber with cracked eggs dripping from his head (a reference to Egg-Gate). There's a shy Bieber hiding behind a "NO PHOTOS" sign (a reference to his ~no more photos~ policy). All images that you could easily use to text friends and convey your true feelings (no more selfies = no photos, going to pee in my pants if we don't get out of this car soon = I gotta pee, etc.) But they're also ones you can use to blatantly make fun of Bieber, if that's your thing — and hey, even the most die-hard fans have to acknowledge that pissing in a mop bucket is over-the-top.

Of course, the rest of the Justmojis are equally as self-aware. When you have an emoji that is literally just a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs (complete with a prominent Justin Bieber bulge), well, then you know you've made it.