IMK Says 'PLL' Will Explain Charlotte & Rollins

by Kaitlin Reilly

With the premiere of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 fast approaching, fans' are getting more and more eager for answers. After all, the Season 6 finale dropped a few major reveals on its audience: Jessica DiLaurentis has an identical twin named Mary Drake lurking around Rosewood, Alison's husband, Dr. Rollins, is totally playing her for her money, and Uber A is someone who goes by the very mysterious moniker A.D. Of course, with every answer comes a million more questions — questions that, hopefully, will be answered by the time Season 7 comes to a close. Fortunately, we don't have to wait very long to get some spoilers for Pretty Little Liars Season 7. "There is one big betrayal that effects a lot of people," Showrunner I. Marlene King tells Bustle on the series' set, so get ready for a game-changer when PLL returns to Freeform on June 21 at 8 p.m.

Though King stays mum about who would be effected by this betrayal and who the traitor might be, her clue is an important reminder that no one in Rosewood can be trusted. Season 6 certainly proved that as well, since Dr. Rollins was revealed to be working with Mary Drake to steal Alison's Carissimi Group money and avenge the death of the woman he really loved: Charlotte.

"We are going to see some Charlotte and Rollins flashbacks," King says. "At least one that I know of so far. It's very informative and very fun." The showrunner also confirms that Vanessa Ray will return to the series to reprise her role as the former Big A, though it seems that Charlotte's appearance will be planted in the past to explain some of Rollins' motives.

With Rollins' suspicious behavior, the reveal of Mary Drake, and that ominous A.D. text, it should come as no surprise that the Liars will be facing many threats in Season 7. "In addition to A.D./Uber A, who are the same person, there's more than one person with a not-so-good agenda," King says. "There are multiple villains." That may be bad news for the Liars, but it's great news for fans, because more villains means more twists than ever are ahead in Pretty Little Liars Season 7.

Image: rosewoodb*tchesgetburied/Tumblr