19 '90s Shows That Should Make A Comeback

Forget Throwback Thursday — 2016 seems to be one big '90s nostalgia trip powered by the premieres of Fuller House, the new Ghostbusters, and the highly-anticipated upcoming revival of Gilmore Girls. The reboot/revival trend seems to have no signs of stopping, so I figured it was time to help Hollywood out and give them some more ideas for '90s shows that could viably make a comeback. Because you know what they say: If the show ain't broke, don't fix it — bring it back to life with new episodes.

Spinoffs have always been a thing in television, as early as the days of Abbott and Costello, and so have sequels. And it's not just Netflix in the revival business anymore — Showtime is bringing back Twin Peaks, and Fox brought back The X-Files and 24. But hey, those aren't the only shows that deserve a second (or third) chance. Here are 19 more series that I think could definitely make a viable comeback. Call me, Hollywood.

1. Hey Dude

It could still take place on a dude ranch in the desert, but imagine this: It can now be a resort for adults who want to get off the grid for a bit and toss those cell phones for a weekend. Naturally, hilarity will ensue. The always scheming Ted could be running the show and dealing with those pesky teens. Or maybe Buddy has inherited the ranch from Mr. Ernst and he's got a whole new staff with all-new modern hijinks.

2. Clarissa Explains It All

The show's creator wrote a book about an older Clarissa Darling, so that could be adapted into a series, because I am dying to know what happened between Clarissa and Sam (guitar chord). And who wouldn't want to know what she's up to now?

3. Sister, Sister

Imagine this: Tia and Tamara live in the same house with their daughters (and son) to revive the coolest TV show about twins around in the '90s. Tamara Mowry is in favor of this, according to The Real.

4. California Dreams

Don't wake me up if I'm dreaming about a 2016 version of this show, which can show us Sly and Lorena's offspring starting a band by the California coast. I wonder what they might name the band.

5. Freaks & Geeks

There's always on-and-off talk about either reviving this Judd Apatow series or staging a reunion. I think it's time it finally happened, but first, they'll need to get all the super famous stars back together, including Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Jason Segel.

6. Mad About You

Paul and Jamie had a daughter named Mabel — and by now, Mabel could be looking for love or in the throes of a career. I think it's time viewers caught up with her, Paul, and Jamie.

7. Parker Lewis Can't Lose

This '90s sitcom was truly ahead of its time: It was single-camera (just like most sitcoms now) and followed the surreal adventures of effortlessly cool teen Parker Lewis. I have to wonder what his son and/or daughter might be up to these days in high school or college. Whatever it is, Fox should definitely get on making The Lewis Family Can't Lose.

8. Salute Your Shorts

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp debuted on Netflix last year and proved camp is still funny. In a twist of fate, what if Budnick returned to run Camp Anawanna and the campers got on his nerves? It'd be payback.

9. Ghostwriter

Back in the '90s when the PBS show premiered, special effects were pretty cool. But imagine what kind of ghostly fun Ghostwriter could do if he or she encounters a brand new set of New York City teens who are up for solving mysteries with smartphones and the like. It'd be crazy stuff.

10. GUTS

Interest in physical challenges is obviously back, and viewers could use a revival of the original American Ninja Warrior for the teen set.

11. Sweet Valley High

Imagine this: Elizabeth Wakefield becomes the principal of Sweet Valley High, where her son and Jessica's rebellious daughter attend.

12. Baby Sitters' Club

Say hello to your new friends — the next generation of the Baby Sitters' club. Mary Anne and Logan could get married and have a daughter, who could have an enterprising idea with her friends: a baby-sitting service. She might try to go it on her own for awhile — cell phones will have made it so much easier — but soon she'd team up with some other neighborhood teen baby-sitters to develop a time-saving app.

13. Hang Time

This Saturday morning '90s sitcom based around a teen girl playing basketball for a boys' high school team seemed like wishful thinking at the time. In the fall of 2016, the series Pitch will premiere on Fox and follow the fictional first woman to play professional baseball. So why not bring back the Hang Time concept and update with some more feminist issues?

14. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

By now, Sabrina and Harvey's son could be nearing the age where he figures out he's a witch. Yes, son — boys can be witches, too.

15. Ally McBeal

In the last season of the show, young Maddie showed up at Ally's door, claiming to be her daughter. You know where I'm going with this: What is Maddie up to now? Could she be a freshly graduated lawyer, looking for a firm to join? Hilarity will, of course, ensue.

16. Will & Grace

When viewers last left the titular characters, they had been reunited by their offsprings' meeting at college (much like Will and Grace) and subsequent wedding. So what are Will's son Ben and Grace's daughter Lila up to now — and just how much are Will and Grace interfering in their lives? An NBC spin-off could easily answer that question.

17. Friends

I know, I know. It was hard enough to get the cast to reunite, and the spin-off Joey was a total dud. But what if another spin-off centered on Ross' kids Ben (with wife Carol) and Emma (with Rachel), along with Monica and Chandler's twins, taking on the big city, one hilarious situation at a time?

18. Saved By The Bell

Sure, this former Saturday morning staple had its share of successful (The New Class) and unsuccessful (The College Years) spin-offs, but how about a whole new class at Bayside High for a new generation with Kelly and Zack's scheming daughter. And of course, she'd have a giant smartphone.

19. Daria

It's been a "Sick Sad World" without the title character's deadpan commentary on society and the ridiculousness of Lawndale High. I think it's time fans get a continuation of the story — what would Daria's kids be like? How would they handle high school? And could one of them (gulp) be popular and take after Quinn? Now that would be fun to watch.

See? Totally possible for Hollywood to bring even more of the '90s back to the modern TV screen.

Images: ABC