'90s Songs Millennials Still Love To Listen To

By Kaitlin Reilly

Want anyone who grew up during the first decade of Britney Spears' career to come to your party? Make it a '90s theme. Children of the '90s can't resist nostalgia of any kind, which is pretty much the main reason why Fuller House and Girl Meets World exist. (And why this writer is still totally down to marathon both on Netflix.) If there's one thing that will get '90s kids out on the dance floor, it's '90s music — half because '90s music was awesome, and half because it's the music of our childhoods. I mean, who can resist being transported back to the days of Tamagotchis and Are You Afraid Of The Dark marathons? I, for one, am not even a little bit embarrassed to say that I still crank up '90s songs in the car whenever they come on the radio. There are certain '90s songs that I will never stop listening to, no matter how old school they get.

So what songs are particularly special to '90s kids? Here are some songs that we still can't stop listening to, no matter how much time has passed. Turn up the tunes, because everywhere can be a '90s party if you really try hard enough.

1. "Say My Name," Destiny's Child

Before a solo Beyoncé called out shady boyfriends in "Irreplaceable" and "Sorry," Destiny's Child was reminding women everywhere to question just where the heck their dudes have been. Keep fighting the good fight, Bey.

2. "What's My Age Again?", Blink-182

Many '90s kids are definitely still listening to this song, which you'll remember any time anyone makes a Facebook event for their 23rd birthday party titled "Nobody Likes You When You're 23!"

3. "No Scrubs," TLC

Of course, '90s kids can still define was a "scrub" is. In the age of Tinder, they have to.

4. "Wonderwall," Oasis

This is still the song that '90s kids want to be serenaded to. You can blame Ryan Adams' cover from The O.C.

5. "Semi-Charmed Life," Third Eye Blind

This song is still way catchy. The only difference is now '90s kids know it's really about meth.

6. "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana

Maybe it's the school-inspired music video. Maybe it's the cryptic lyrics. Maybe it's the continued hero worship of Kurt Cobain. Whatever it is, '90s kids still dig this song.

7. "Barbie Girl," Aqua

I've never had this song come on the radio and have anyone not complain about how annoying it is. I also haven't had anyone ever actually turn it off. Just saying.

8. "...Baby, One More Time," Britney Spears

Britney Spears is still my pop princess, and while I'm totally loving her new song "Make Me," her very first single will always have a place in '90s kids' hearts.

9. "You Oughta Know," Alanis Morrisette

This Jagged Little Pill number is so badass and still such an amazing ode to exes who moved on too quickly everywhere.

10. "I'll Be There For You," The Rembrandts

We're still listening to this song because we're all still marathoning Friends on Netflix.

11. "All Star," Smash Mouth

This song is weirdly inspirational, when you think about it. But mostly, it reminds us all of Shrek.

12. "Loser," Beck

Beck is still a big deal, and this is still the perfect song for after a bad day at work.

13. "I Think I'm Paranoid," Garbage

Shirley Manson is still the coolest (and, ironically, defended the artist listed above post-Kanye West storming the stage at the Grammys) and this was the best song to jam out to while playing Rock Band.

14. "B*tch," Meredith Brooks

Want to sing a song into your hairbrush, a la Lizzie Maguire? This song is still perfect.

15. "Closing Time," Semisonic

Sure, it's technically about childbirth, but it's also the best song to play when you're subtly trying to kick everyone out of your party.

16. "Sex And Candy," Marcy Playground

This song is still super weird and oddly sultry, and still makes its way onto my driving playlists.

17. "California Love," 2Pac Feat. Dr. Dre

I can't speak for every '90s kid, but west coast '90s kids are still not over this California-praising tune.

18. "I Want It That Way," The Backstreet Boys

There's nothing better than a boy band to get you in that nostalgic mood.

19. "Iris," The Goo Goo Dolls

In the '90s, I thought this was the most romantic song to ever be written. In 2016... well, I kind of still do.

Enjoy these '90s tunes and bask in the nostalgia of everyone's favorite decade.