Who Did Sansa Write To On 'Game Of Thrones'? She's Determined To Take Back Winterfell At Any Cost

Tonight made me a little nervous for Jon Snow and Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones , guys. I have been super psyched up until this point because I am ready to see House Bolton get taken down in a really big way. Jon and Sansa looked like they were ready to roll but then it became clear that they needed some serious help. Well, tonight they didn't exactly make epic progress on that front and Sansa appeared to reach out to someone through a scroll. Who did Sansa write to on Game of Thrones?

Well, after appealing to House Mormont, they were only able to get 62 fighting men on their side. That's clearly not going to help them even a little bit so they made their way to House Glover, where they were denied help completely. House Glover claimed that House Bolton aided them in reclaiming their castle and that they were not going too fight next to a Wildling army. Jon seemed to chock it up to a loss but Sansa spoke up, reminding Lord Glover that he was supposed to be loyal to House Stark. Unfortunately Lord Glover blames Robb Stark for his castle being overtaken and his family being killed by the Iron Born. So, I don't think House Glover will be helping the Starks anytime soon.

After this mess, Jon basically told Sansa to chill out. Our girl Sansa isn't going to quiet down, though. She is pretty dead set on gaining more men for the army. The next time we saw Sansa, she was writing a scroll and appeared to be setting it up for delivery by raven. Who was she writing to? She seemed like she was doing something big here. By her body language and the look on her face after writing it, it seems like she wrote to someone who would not please Jon or could potentially put them in danger.

Could she have written to Ramsay? Maybe she is trying to set him up for their arrival at Winterfell. She could be pretending to come back to him only to turn up with a huge army. It's a long shot but it's possible. My real bet is that it is on its way to Tyrion, though. After all, she was married to him and he's helped her before. She knows that writing to a Lannister would enrage her brother, but Tyrion isn't the typical Lannister, is he? Asking for his help could possibly bring Jon and Dany into the same place, which would be insane on a level currently unknown to us at this time. And, anything that gives the Starks control over Winterfell again is fine by me.

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