Jordan Rodgers Has A Post-Football Career

For years, Jordan Rodgers worked to follow in the successful footsteps of his NFL quarterback brother Aaron Rodgers, but these days, he's in a new competition for JoJo Fletcher's heart on The Bachelorette. So what is Jordan Rodgers doing now, career-wise? His father Ed told KRCR News that The Bachelorette star wants to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. The California native walked off the gridiron for the last time in 2015, when he played for the Canadian football team BC Lions, but he hasn't left the sport behind for good. And, Ed sounded supportive of his son's new adventure on The Bachelorette. Update: Jordan reportedly now has a job with SEC Network, according to a tweet from Clay Travis.

"He loves adventures," Ed said. "You're only young once, so you may as well go for it." That includes a new career, which is still related to the game he loves. According to Jordan's Instagram account, Jordan still hangs around football by going to the Super Bowl and attending games at his alma mater Vanderbilt University. So, football is something near and dear to his heart. But first, can he find love with JoJo? She seemed smitten with the athletic hunk upon first glance a few weeks ago and he seemed to feel the same way, however, her Bachelorette journey has just begun. Anything can happen.

Here's what else Jordan has been up to lately, according to social media.

He Hangs Out With Dad

His father Ed is a chiropractor back in their hometown of Chico, California, and it looks like Jordan is always willing to take some time out to go treasure hunting with his father, as he writes in the photo caption. "Sometimes on Saturdays we go treasure hunting while the ribs are smoking," Jordan wrote.

He Does Cross Fit

Once an athlete, always an athlete. It looks like Jordan works hard to stay in fine form.

He Went To The Super Bowl

Of course he'd be there on football's biggest night of the year. And, he made a silly GIF there, too. Why not.

He Flies Planes

Does this mean he might take JoJo into the air sometime soon? It could be an interesting date above the clouds.

He Returns To His Alma Mater

It seems like Jordan returns often to his alma mater, which is based in Nashville, for football games and New Year's Eve, according to Jordan's Instagram. And, he looks like he has a blast doing so.

He Trains Future Quarterbacks

According to IG, Jordan spent some time working with junior QBs at D1 Sports Training and Therapy in Collierville, Tennessee, which is located in the Memphis area.

He Plays Golf

Just because he's done with football, doesn't mean Jordan is done playing sports. He has several videos of himself playing gold on his Instagram account.

While Jordan may be busy trying to build a new career, it seems like he's still got room in his heart for JoJo, but will she have room in her heart for him? I'm interested to see how far Jordan's competitive streak gets him on The Bachelorette this season.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC