Ali Is Having A Lot Of Fun Post-'Bachelorette'

While no one could call the events of The Bachelorette exactly analogous to the actual world of dating — I've never met 26 attractive, commitment-oriented men in all of my 21 years and JoJo managed to do it in one, very long televised night — it is true that whether you're on a national reality show or swiping through a dating app, glass of wine in hand, you often have to sift through plenty of options before you find The One. (It's a numbers game, people.) One potential match for the Bachelorette is Ali Zahiri, a charmingly carefree SoCal resident who's stood out already. And though JoJo's season is just getting started, I'm already wondering what Ali has been doing since The Bachelorette filming ended, because he's the contestant I most want to keep up with after his time on TV has come to an end.

It says a lot about Ali that even though the show is still in the "so many dudes it's almost impossible to keep track" stage of the season, the happy-go-lucky contestant with a penchant for surfing, donuts, and his adorable Bichon Frise has left a lasting impression. So far, Ali's managed to stay afloat amidst the plethora of strong personalities and based on his recent social media posts, I'm confident that he'll continue to show the great qualities that make viewers notice him. Here's what Ali has been up to lately.

Living Up To His Instagram Name

Ali's Instagram handle is aliwantsaredonuts, and this photo proves The Bachelorette contestant is a man of his word. It also shows that he has a sweet tooth, which is always a plus if you want someone to snack with, and that he's not afraid to look silly.

Showing Off His Musical Chops

While I'm sure Ali will serenade JoJo at some point this season, it's probably safe to assume that he won't perform this banger of a cover for her. Although I'd definitely tune in to watch the two try to slow-dance to this one.

Getting Some Vitamins

Just because Ali wasn't spotted doing pull-ups with his suitcase attached to his body like a certain someone doesn't mean he doesn't pay attention to health. As shown in this photo, he recently tried a B-12 shot, which according to Shape can help increase energy in people with a deficiency of the vitamin. Perhaps Ali wanted to increase his energy for all the surfing he's been doing, as shown in many photos on his Instagram.

Hanging Out With His Pup

Apparently Ali and his dog have something in common besides being adorable — Hudson loves donuts too. Too bad the canine isn't able to enjoy them the way Ali does.

Beneath that bashful smile, it's clear Ali has got plenty of goofy fun up his sleeve and if he can manage to showcase that, he could go far on The Bachelorette.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC