How To Take The Cube Personality Test 4 Different Ways

It's likely you've heard of the "cube" personality test that's recently taken the internet on by storm. And if you're wondering how to take the cube personality test yourself, you're in luck! Unlike a lot of personality tests which require additional people, specific materials, or extensive research, you can take the cube personality test pretty much whenever you want — and however you want. Personally, I enjoy taking personality tests as a way to see myself from a different perspective and assess how my personality, mood, wants, or needs are changing over time; I don't always take the results as hard, scientific fact (unless the test I'm taking has been scientifically backed and administered by a profession), but I think they're a fun and painless way to gain a little introspection. That's why I like the cube personality test so much.

The cube test is unique because it relies on you answering a series of questions that build off of one another in a hypothetical scenario, rather than simply asking you standalone questions about your likes and dislikes (think, "Do you prefer large or small groups of people?"). Instead, the cube personality test asks you to close your eyes and imagine a series of images that grow and change as the test continues. Then, based on your final mental "image," the test offers you results that supposedly speak to your personality. Fun, right?

The best part is that there are a lot of different ways you can take it, so if you're interested in giving the cube personality test a shot, check out the resources below. There are variations of the cube personality test, so it's always a fun activity to try tests from different hosts and creators and see how your results vary depending on the source.

1. Watch The BuzzFeed Cube Personality Test Video

BuzzFeed's version of the cube personality test is my personal favorite. Because it's a video, it's easy to do if you're by yourself or with others, because everyone can follow along. You can also "pause" the questions if you choose to really hone in on your answers, or do it in real time and go by your gut reaction.

2. Download The Cube - Personality Test App

If you're on your phone, you can actually download an app that allows you to take the cube personality test. The app costs $1.99, but allows you to take the test as many times as you want. It's based off of the New York Times bestseller The Game, which explores what our personalities reveal about ourselves.

3. Take The Text-Based Cube Personality Test

In a situation where you can't download an app or stream a video? You can actually take the test really easily just by reading it. Many sites have variations of the written version of the test, but I found the one at Collective Evolution to be the most thorough for my own purposes. I will say, if you're using a text-based version of the test, you'll want to make sure you don't skip ahead — skimming is tempting when reading on the web, but this is one instance where it won't help.

4. Take The Cube Personality Test On YouTube

I actually found a ton of variations of the cube personality test on YouTube, but the one above is my favorite. And hey, you get to discuss your test results with all of the YouTube commenters on the post, and what's better than dissecting your personality with a bunch of strangers? You never know who will have the best insight!

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