There Were Anger-Gasms On 'The Bachelorette'

As a longtime fan and viewer of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, I’ve seen some wacky dates. For every helicopter ride or candlelit dinner, there are two swimming with the pigs or songwriting competitions. I, for one, just want to see some horseback riding. My psyche can’t stand the weird stuff. In the grand tradition of off-kilter date choices, JoJo and Chase went on a tantric one-on-one that had me asking one very important question — are anger-gasms real?

I couldn't find any real scientific evidence of anger-gasms on the Internet, so I'm going to go with no. But they sure tried! JoJo and Chase’s date was a kind of tantric connection yoga, and their instructor had them do these weird pelvic exercises (with the camera mimicking the angle of a gynecological exam), some screaming and grunting, and finally, sitting in each other’s laps face-to-face. The screaming and yelling was dubbed an “anger-gasm,” and it’s supposed to release stress toward your partner. I mean, I guess it worked, because JoJo and Chase shared a lip lock at the end of the session. It was kind of reminiscent of both Clare and Mikey T.'s Bachelor In Paradise tantric yoga date and Carly and Chris Soules’ tantric love guru date, only way less uncomfortable. Both JoJo and Chase were out of their respective comfort zones, but they went with the flow much more than Chris and Carly did. I can’t blame them — I don’t know if I could strip someone naked if I’ve only known them a week.

While this tantric date had a fine ending, with Chase getting a rose from JoJo, it could have quickly turned right onto Awkward & Uncomfortable Lane like Chris and Carly’s did. Hey, ABC — can we not with these dates? I get that it’s fun for the audiences to watch and all, but it has to be crazy weird to have to sit on someone’s lap in yoga pants and feel the tension in his pants. I mean, Chase and JoJo barely know each other. I’d appreciate more swimming pigs and less weird sex stuff (oh, and please, for the love of God, no songwriting competitions).

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC