6 Things We Know About JoJo's 'Bachelorette' Season So Far

Although ABC usually keeps things pretty under wraps, there are ample spoilers out there about JoJo's season of The Bachelorette. From The Bachelor and The Bachelorette creator Mike Fleiss, who has been using his Twitter to reveal details, to Reality Steve, who makes a habit of spoiling everything he finds out about The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, you could almost feel confident naming the final two contestants Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher will select. Yet, you may be the type of curious Bachelorette fan who wants details about the upcoming season, but also wants to watch JoJo week after week without knowing who she actually chooses. For those of you out there, I'm here to help you get your JoJo fix by giving you all of the non-spoilery details we know about JoJo's season so far.

I'm a spoiler-free kind of gal when it comes to my reality TV and I don't get what the fun is in knowing everything about JoJo's season before it even premieres. So I get my information on The Bachelorette the old fashioned way — by the little reveals that the all-powerful ABC is willing to give. Since the promo for the JoJo's season premiered on Monday, April 25, we've got more to work with than ever, so here's what to expect when The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, May 23. And no need to fret, no spoilers here.

1. She'll Have 26 Suitors

People released a first look at JoJo's season on April 19, which included her looking flawless in a red sequined dress and also revealed that the tagline for her season is, "From Ben to 26 men." Beyond just being a clever rhyme, this tag let fans know that JoJo's season will start with 26 men for her to choose from. That's two less people than JoJo had to compete against since Ben had 28 contestants in his Bachelor season.

2. There Will Be Another Unicorn

JoJo showed off her silly side right off the bat on The Bachelor when she first introduced herself to Ben with a unicorn mask on. As the promo for her season showed, one of her suitors is taking a page from her book by first meeting her on an actual unicorn. Yes, I realize that the horse with a horn affixed to its head isn't a real unicorn, but that's definitely one way to make an impression. My bet is that guy won't be going home the first night.

3. She Is In The Driver's Seat

While the above photo from a fan on Twitter shows JoJo in the literal driver's seat on a one-on-one date in Malibu, the promo highlighted that JoJo is in control this season with Demi Lovato's "Confident" being the featured song. JoJo is no blushing Texan rose, so I can't wait to see her being the one making the decisions in her love life.

4. There Will Be Plenty Of Sequins

I loved JoJo's sense of style on The Bachelor, so I'm ready for her to show off her fashion sense even more during her season. The official photos from ABC have her in a red sequined dress, but the sequins don't stop there since she's wearing a gold stunner in the promo video when she first meets the contestants. I expect she'll have quite a number of sequined dresses during the rose ceremonies and to that I have to say: Give me all the glitter!

5. She Is Surprised By Her Strong Feelings

In an interview with Good Morning America back in March, JoJo said, "I am connecting with these guys ... I'm actually feeling feelings, which I didn't expect so early on." By now, I'm sure JoJo has stronger feelings for some men in particular, but you might see her really struggle who to choose during the rose ceremonies in the early episodes.

6. There Is No Sign Of Ben

As Ben broke JoJo's heart by choosing Lauren Bushnell after telling both women he loved them, I don't want the focus to be too much on Ben during The Bachelorette. And it seems that JoJo wants it that way too since also in her Good Morning America interview she said, "Ben and I don't communicate ... I spent those last couple of days and weeks trying to recover from my breakup with Ben."

Let's hope he stays out of the picture while JoJo tries to find the right man for her come May 23.

Images: Craig Sjodin (2), Matt Dunn/ABC