JoJo Needs To Send This Guy Packing

Chad, I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you. And then you had to go and be a bigger, more divisive jerk than you were already being. Things seemed like they were going well for Chad and JoJo, but given his behavior lately, JoJo needs to send Chad home on The Bachelorette . There’s only so much a gal can take, you know? I was team Chad from the beginning, but now I think it’s time for his swan song to begin.

Chad was boisterous and a braggart to begin with, but he never truly got violent with the other man-testants. Sure, they had words with each other (there was no love lost between Jordan, Alex, and Chad, that’s for sure), but on the group date where they all were supposed to tell hilarious sex stories, Evan insinuated that Chad was taking steroids and Chad clapped back, grabbing Evan’s shirt and ripping it. After the date, he punched a door so he didn’t punch Evan. When Evan got a rose on the date, Chad interrupted the whole thing to tell JoJo she was being ridiculous in keeping Evan on the show. Um, who is being ridiculous right now, Chad?

JoJo squashed that conversation fast, but she did not send Chad home. You know what? She needs to. Firstly, physical contact is never, ever cool. I thought that it was a rule that no one could touch each other lest them automatically be sent home. That’s how it was on The Real World — remember? Chad’s violent behavior and temper is definitely cause for concern, and JoJo should be paying attention to all of this. Would you want to date a man who can’t control his feelings, let alone marry him? JoJo needs to send Chad packing, both for her own safety and the safety of everyone on The Bachelorette. In the immortal words of Juan Pablo, Chad needs to learn that it’s not okay.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC