These Unforgettable Bravo Couples Broke Up & Got Back Together

Longtime Bravo viewers like myself have seen a lot of reality TV relationships end over the years. We have also watched plenty of Bravo couples break up and get back together. Many of them eventually broke up again, but we have seen ups and downs from pretty much all of the relationships on Bravo shows. Some of these reconciliations were from couples that I just really hoped could make it work in the long term, and then there are those that I totally just watched for the drama — drama so good that I just couldn't look away no matter how bad the train wreck was.

The following couples are the ones that have really gone through it all in front of the viewers over the past few years. From the the Real Housewives franchise to Southern Charm to Vanderpump Rules, there has been so much breaking up and making up that it can be a little tough to keep track of it all.

Even though most of these couples ended up finally going their separate ways, I still hold out hope that they can get back together... at least selfishly for the sake of their TV shows.

1. NeNe & Gregg Leakes

Fernando Leon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

NeNe and Gregg gave viewers the one really happy story about reconciliation. Their divorce process was shown on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but once that was all done, they started dating — again. Then they had their own spinoff series about planning their second wedding now they seem to be a very happy couple. Anyone who watches RHOA, knows that Gregg basically worships the ground that NeNe walks on.

2. Thomas Ravenel & Kathryn Dennis

Call me crazy, but I really want Kathryn and Thomas to get back together for the millionth time. I just feel like they really make Southern Charm the show that it is, and I would also love for their family to be united. Thomas and Kathryn had not one, but two surprise pregnancies when they were on the outs. Nevertheless, I feel like the door is always open for these two to reunite — or at least I hope so.

3. Jax Taylor & Stassi Schroeder

Up until recently, Vanderpump Rules was essentially the Jax and Stassi show; every plot revolved around the ups and downs of their relationship. Jay and Stassi broke up when she her rumors that he cheated on her, then he admitted it, then he got a tattoo of their name... Basically, a lot happened, but these two were off and on-ish for a while. Ultimately, the two ended up dating other people, but they broke up and got back together more times than the most loyal viewer could ever keep track of.

4. Shereé & Bob Whitfield

Even though this particular relationship is still very much up in the air, I never saw any type of reconciliation between them coming at all. Shereé spent her early days on RHOA talking about her tough divorce, so it is pretty shocking to see that these two are on speaking terms, let alone hanging out and going on trips to Jamaica together. On RHOA Season 8, Bob seemed like he was all in with Shereé, but she really seemed like she was holding back. It did seem like she was warming up to the idea since she keeps inviting Bob to these group events, so I am really hoping that they end up officially getting back together.

5. Vicki Gunvalson & Brooks Ayers

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Vicki and Brooks' relationship was a fascinating one for a while, don't get me wrong, but it just became so dramatic. Brooks and Vicki broke up a million times. It seemed like they were just one of those couples who would always be a couple even if they were not actually dating. Let's just hope that this one is done for good.

6. Kristen Doute & James Kennedy

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In all honesty, I was pretty shocked that the relationship between Kristen Doute and James Kennedy lasted as long as it did. It really seemed like she was just looking for a rebound from Tom Sandoval, but these two were actually together for a while — until they started constantly breaking up and getting back together. They were always getting into fights when Kristen would show up uninvited to interrupt James at work... and then there's also that whole James cheating on Kristen with Jenna thing. They also admitted to hooking up on top of a car post-breakup. It seems like they got it all out of their system though. Thank God.

There have been some pretty captivating love stories on Bravo and it seems like a lot of them will never ever end. As Andy Cohen says, we will just have to watch what happens.

Images: Bravo (2); Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo