This Kylie Cosmetics Post Could Be About "Majesty"

As soon as the sneak peek of the black Kylie Cosmetics Metal Matte lipstick, Majesty, was posted on social media, people were dying to know when it would launch. Well, it's time to get excited, because the next clue is here. Unlike the subtle social media hints that Kylie Jenner normally drops, her company released a pretty direct, to-the-point clue. According to Kylie Cosmetic's Instagram post, Majesty is launching soon, so get ready.

Normally clues about new lippies come in the form of Jenner secretly wearing new shades around for months and posting photos of watches to hint at what time they'll launch. This time, the makeup maven's brand is getting a little less subtle. Kylie Cosmetics posted a photo of a black paint splatter over a white background with the caption, "In honor of our 4 million loyal followers.. I have a little surprise for you tomorrow."

If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say that Majesty is set to launch June 7. You just never know what Jenner could be up to next, but the launch of her new color makes the most sense. Especially considering that she just had the company's largest restock ever sell out, but Majesty wasn't yet included.

Jenner said in an earlier Instagram post that her new shade would be out later this month. That makes it all the more likely that the clue is about Majesty. After all, she is celebrating four million followers, so it makes sense why she couldn't give an exact date.

You just never know with Jenner though. Just when you think you've figured it all out, she goes and does something to surprise you. It's completely possible that she could be throwing everyone for a loop and releasing a brand new product or something crazy. Heck, it could even be another music video for all I know.

I guess only time will tell what the secret is. To be the first to know, you should definitely follow her social media closely.