Chris Messina's Role In 'The Mindy Project' Season 5 Should Worry Mindy & Danny 'Shippers

Well, shoot. When Hulu's The Mindy Project returns for its fifth season, we'll be seeing a lot less of one important character. According to TV Line, Chris Messina will no longer be a Mindy Project series regular. Instead, the actor will be a "recurring guest star," meaning that he'll certainly still be a part of Mindy's life, just maybe not in the way that some fans would hope. What this recent news means for Danny and Mindy's relationship, only time will tell, but, if we're being honest with ourselves, all signs point to them being done for real. I mean, how are they supposed to reignite a romantic connection when Danny won't even be there?

The announcement probably won't come as a huge shock for fans of the series, who have watched Danny's presence whittle down to almost nothing in Season 4. When Season 4 began, Danny and Mindy were engaged, but, as fans know, that didn't last long. The engagement was called off in the midseason premiere, and, since then, we've seen less and less of Danny. Even when he's part of the episode's plot, he's not there. Like in the episode "Under the Texas Sun," when Mindy leaves Leo at Dr. C's house, but Dr. C just so happens to be "in the shower" the whole time. A likely story.

His absence has become worrisome for those of us still pulling for a Mindy/Danny reconciliation and ultimate happy ending, but, with this news, it's safe to say that it might be time to mourn the end of this relationship for good. I know, I know. It's a sad time.


Then again, if you want to look at the silver lining, "recurring guest star" means that Danny hasn't exited the show entirely. It's a possibility that the showrunners could keep stringing us along with hope for Season 5, and, in Season 6 (if there's a Season 6), we could see a romantic reunion. After all that buildup and time apart, it might actually be a smart move. But maybe I'm biased.

The Mindy Project Season 4 wrapped up last week, and Season 5's release date hasn't even been announced yet, so who knows what could happen. In the meantime, all I'm saying is, Mindy Project fans, don't hold your breath.

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