Kanye Needs To Get On Snapchat

Few things go together as perfectly as Kanye West and Twitter, so much so that it honestly seems like the site was made for West's all-caps rants about everything from being "this generation's Walt Disney" to his super-inspiring visits to Ikea. Yet surprisingly, although West may be one of the most infamous Twitter users around, that's about where his social media presence ends. Kanye is not on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook in any public capacity, which is very odd given his penchant for... let's call it "openness" on social media, at least in the Twittersphere.

Many celebrities are reluctant to share tidbits of their personal lives with fans, but everything about West these days signals that he really doesn't have a problem putting his life out there, so it's a bit odd that he doesn't use Snapchat. After all, Kim Kardashian West has her own reality show, and isn't exactly media-shy, nor are the rest of her famous family members. Kardashian West snaps everything, including a "pregnancy scare" had on a plane, so it's easy to imagine that her husband, too, wouldn't hide much from his millions of social media followers.

Yet while West makes plenty of appearances on Kardashian West's social media streams, from videos in bed to impromptu concert performances to glamorous couples' shots, he's not curating his own level of Snapchat fame just yet. The outspoken rapper seems to enjoy keeping some level of privacy when it comes to social media, and despite his family's fame, that actually shouldn't come as that much of a surprise. Though the Kardashians are the subject of their own crazy popular reality show, West himself has only made a handful of appearances, and in 2013, he revealed to The New York Times why he was reluctant to appear. Speaking of a 2012 episode in which he goes through Kardashian's closet, getting rid of much of her designer loot, West told the Times,

"That was from a place of love. It’s hard when people read things in a lot of different ways. You know, the amount of backlash I got from it is when I decided to not be on the show anymore. And it’s not that I have an issue with the show; I just have an issue with the amount of backlash that I get. Because I just see like, an amazing person that I’m in love with that I want to help."

West has since appeared on the show a bit more often, so it seems that he's warmed up to it a bit without being front-and-center on it. But what about social media? Well, as far as Instagram goes, West tweeted this in 2013:

He has stuck to his guns on this, but also has seemingly warmed up at least to the idea of having an Instagram account. In 2016, he tweeted:

OK, 'Ye, you do you. As for Snapchat, so far there are no signs of him hopping on the face-swapping bandwagon, but in 2015, he rapped a verse on Big Sean's "Blessings," joking about sending some, er, racy shots on Snapchat. West rapped:

Since the truth keep n****s traumatizedThey tryna compromise my condom sizeSo I Snapchat that whole s**t

So it seems like West isn't totally averse to getting the app. Only time will tell if he's going to bless the world with some Snapchat musings, though. Hopefully he will, as West's fans would surely absolutely love it if he changed his mind about Snapchat. Your move, 'Ye.