The Burger King "Whopperito" Burger-Burrito Hybrid Is Being Tested, And It's Everything You've Ever Dreamed Of

In a move which can only be described as wholly inspired, Burger King is testing out a new item for their ever-expanding menu — an item that has previously been seen only in my dreams: The Burger King Whopperito, a killer new combo of a Whopper and a burrito, has been unveiled at a select few locations. I can't be the only one hoping it makes it past the testing phase, right? I mean, the name alone is a strike of genius!

So what exactly is this mysterious, meaty hybrid made of? Well, according to GrubGrade, the Whopperito is part Burger King Whopper — their signature burger, which is made of flame-grilled beef, American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, and white onions — and part burrito, with the burrito part being that the ingerdients are wrapped within a flour tortilla. I'll be honest: At first, I wasn't too keen on the idea. But then it occurred to me that if it's actually just the regular burrito ingredients in a tortilla, then who am I to deem that anything but delicious? I mean, it's essentially a beef burrito, which is pretty much the staple of Tex Mex food: Lean beef mince mixed with crunchy salad and cheese, wrapped in a flour tortilla. It's a food we already know and love, just with a BK twist. Here's what it looks like:

However, don't let your tastebuds start tingling just yet, because unless you live in Hermitage, Pa., Warren, Ohio, or select locations in Texas, you won't be able to explore all the magnificent flavors this burger wrap has to offer: Those are the only known locations where the Whopperito was spotted on menus, according to NBC. GrubGrade reports that it's currently being trialled on a series of test menus, so unless you live nearby to those locations, you'd better pray to the burger-burrito gods that the Whopperito is received well enough to make it onto the full menu.


Internet reactions to the Whopperito have so far ranged from ridiculous levels of excitement to downright disgust. Some have also pointed out that this Burger King concoction is mighty similar to that of McDonald's and their burger-style wraps — in particular the Mac Snack Wrap and the Angus Bacon & Cheese Wrap (which, by the way, is not available in Europe). But as far as I can see, both of those McDonald's products contain that "special sauce" the fast food giant is famed for, as well as pickles, while of course the Whopperito doesn't have either of those components. These are two major differences for anyone who doesn't like pickles or who can't get enough of that McDonald's-specific sauce. One thing's for sure: If Burger King makes their latest product mainstream, it will be interesting to see which wrap comes out on top.

I was going to try really hard not to make a rap/wrap battle joke here, but, well... too late.

It seems Burger King are feeling pretty adventurous as of late, though; after McDonald's stepped it up a notch by trialling garlic fries in San Francisco in May, the burger chain created its first Burger King spa in Finland, which can be rented for three hours at a cost of $250, and which includes entry to a nearby restaurant. And let's not forget the unanimous joy which emanated from Burger King fans across the internet when they brought back their famous Chicken Fries after a three year hiatus in 2015.

Whatever the brand has got planned next, chances are I'm totally on board with it, too. Unless that plan is removing the Whopperito from the menu completely. Then I'll be sad.

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