JoJo's Brother Ben Patton Thought His 'Bachelor' Edit Was "Funny," According To Sean Lowe

Who could forget that infamous hometown date on The Bachelor where Ben Higgins met JoJo Fletcher's brothers Ben and Martin Patton? While usually family members are strangely calm about their sister/daughter/friend potentially marrying a man they've dated for a handful of weeks while he was also courting the woman's roommates, JoJo's brothers were fiercely protective of their sister and thoroughly questioned Ben's intentions. In the end, they turned out to be right because Ben did break JoJo's heart, but they did go about things in a pretty aggressive way on the show. Or did they? Former Bachelor Sean Lowe is friends with Ben Patton, and says that he's not as intense as the show made him out to be. In an interview during their Dreft baby shower in New York City, Lowe tells Bustle what Ben thought of his Bachelor portrayal, and, apparently, he took it all in stride.

"He’s such a nice guy, and he’s super likable," Sean says. "I thought it was hilarious that he got that edit, but he had a sense of humor about it too. He thought it was funny."

Ben himself could not directly be reached for comment, but it would make sense for Sean's statements to be true. JoJo is still very close with him, and, for the most, part it seems like their relationship is great — interrogation of her potential fiancé aside. He has even supported her run as Bachelorette.

As Ben found out, you can't control what you look like on a reality show, or how you're going to react to meeting your sister's boyfriend — especially when that boyfriend is dating other women while courting your sister. So, it's nice that he was seemingly able to find the humor in his appearance on The Bachelor.

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Still, when fans meet JoJo's brothers again on Monday night, will things be different? After all, the situation has flipped and it's JoJo who is dating multiple men. Still, something tells me that won't matter much to Ben and Martin. They seem to really care about their sister, and I can't imagine they'd be thrilled about all the ex-girlfriend drama both finalists have. I think they'll make an effort for JoJo's sake to get to know Jordan and Robby without any bias, but don't expect them to go easy on the men. After all, as Sean's wife, Catherine Lowe, tells Bustle, "[JoJo's brothers] are protective," which may be the understatement of the century. But, we'll just have to tune in Monday night to see if the brothers get another interrogator edit, or if they seem at peace with their sister's choice in fiancé.

Image: ABC