Chelsea Clinton Congratulates Hillary On Her Victory With An Inspirational Tweet

On Tuesday evening before her mother's speech, Chelsea Clinton celebrated Hillary's victory with a sweet sentiment on social media as she prepares to possibly become the first daughter for a third term. In a tweet that responded to one of Hillary's posts, Chelsea wrote, "So proud of you, Mom & grateful little girls can grow up knowing they can run for president."

There are year-old reports that Chelsea could take on some, if not all, of the responsibilities, of the office of First Lady. During the final year of her father's administration, Chelsea, then 19, actually ended up taking over some of her mother's duties as FLOTUS. That ended up freeing up the First Lady to be able to campaign for New York's senate seat in the 2000 election cycle. Clearly, for the Clintons, politics has been the family business for a while, and Chelsea's statement on social media is reflective of that deep commitment.

But just how involved Chelsea would be in a hypothetical third Clinton term is still an open question. Clinton is currently the vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, a philanthropic organization founded in 1997 that currently bears her name alongside those of her parents. And clearly they're all still close, as they're all celebrating Hillary's presumptive nomination.

There is no word on whether or not Chelsea, or Bill, for that matter, would transition out of their day-to-day roles in order to support Hillary's career in public service, or if they would remain involved in the day-to-day management of the Foundation during her hypothetical tenure as POTUS, but it is clear that the family is putting on a united front.