Evie Cho Is Defeated On 'Orphan Black,' But There's No Way This Is The End Of Her Story

When are people going to learn that the first rule of Clone Club is that you don't mess with Clone Club?? Over the course of four seasons, Sarah Manning and her sestras have triumphed over the Dyad Institute, the Proletheans, Aldous Leekie, Virginia Coady, Alan Nealon, Project Castor… the list goes on. You would think that the show's newest villain would have learned from the mistakes of her predecessors and not greatly underestimated the women of Project Leda. But, unfortunately for her, the ambitious Neolution scientist did just that — and now Evie Cho has been defeated on Orphan Black .

This was a surprisingly quick comeuppance for the woman who killed Kendall Malone and seemingly cemented her hold on Neolution only three episodes ago. But sometimes justice is swift, and this week's episode, "The Mitigation Of Competition," saw the entire Clone Club working together to bring her down once and for all. This involved locating two pregnant women who had recently escaped from Brightborn after witnessing the doctors euthanize that deformed baby we saw being born earlier this season. (They had filmed the horrifying procedure and were threatening to release it if Neolution didn't leave them alone; Clone Club wanted to guarantee that that happened.)

By the time Rachel and Art tracked down one of the women, the other was already dead, murdered by Neolution and made to look like a suicide. The surviving Brightborn participant, Kendra — who had recently given birth to a blind baby boy — was understandably not thrilled about the idea of helping defeat Evie if it meant exposing herself and possibly being murdered. But Rachel had no patience for Kendra's waffling, and dispatched Ira to go kidnap the poor frightened mother right out from under Sarah's nose.

Sarah was furious; clearly Rachel was betraying them and was going to give Kendra and the video to Evie in exchange for her own selfish demands. Indeed, when Rachel showed up at Brightborn right before Evie's press conference, she only asked for one thing in exchange for the incriminating evidence: not safety for her sestras, not reinstatement for her mother, Susan Duncan; just a seat at the table for Rachel herself, who still rankled at Evie's assertion that a clone would never hold a position of authority at Neolution.

Placated by Rachel's unsurprisingly selfish demands, Evie felt comfortable enough to verbally admit to both the fact that the bots caused hideous deformations and that Brightborn was euthanizing the afflicted newborns… and of course, this was exactly what Rachel wanted, having recorded their entire conversation. She immediately leaked the video of Evie's confession, interrupting her press conference with a barrage of outraged questions from the reporters in attendance.

So that's it for Evie Cho? Sadly for Clone Club, that's extremely unlikely. Although Evie may have been disgraced and Brightborn exposed as a fraud, there's still one episode to go in Season 4 — and Dr. Cho isn't likely to take this development lying down. Rather than slaying a dragon, Clone Club may have just made it very, very angry.

Images: Ken Woroner/BBC America (3)