Lorde + GoT = You DEFINITELY Need to Watch This

There's been heaps of goodies getting released by HBO in advance of the return of Game of Thrones . You know Game of Thrones, right? That sprawling fantasy epic that's so much more than just another fantasy epic, with its myriad plotlines, criss-crossing political machinations, and a shitton of death. The show is incredibly popular, given its relatability outside of the world of ice and fire. So what better way to showcase that than by pairing up clips from the upcoming fourth season with musical equalizer and creepycool girl, Lorde? The answer is nothing: nothing is better, because this fan-made trailer that does just that is even better than anything official that's come out thus far.

Sorry, but it's true. YouTuber Lady Dog Trailers — who only has this one video on her account, interestingly enough — posted the clip to the video site on Sunday evening. By pairing Lorde's cover of the Tears For Fears tune "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," Lady Dog Trailers has managed to hit the nail on the head of the sentiments going on not only in the video (certain frames are perfection: lining up The Wall with "the wall," and "what's a king to a god" with Melisandre) but the series as a whole. I mean, damn: HBO if you're smart you'll hire this girl ASAP: or at least give her some money and make this one the latest official trailer.

But don't just take our word for it, take a peek at the clip, below, and try not to be impressed by the goodness.

Image: HBO