'The Americans' Season 5 Premiere Is Far Away, So Watch These 6 Shows In The Meantime

When you come across a rare gem like FX's spy drama series The Americans, you want it to last forever. Luckily for us, the network understands this desire, which is why it went and granted The Americans with Season 5 and Season 6 renewals at the end of May, adding that these final two seasons would be the show's last. (A bummer, yes. But still, two more seasons!) So now that the Season 4 finale is just hours away, when can we expect The Americans Season 5 to premiere and put an end to our upcoming Jennings drought? Unfortunately, it looks like our wait is going to be just as long as we're used to.

Though no official release date has been announced, Deadline reports that the fifth installment of the series is scheduled to come out with it's usual 13-episode arc in 2017 and end its sixth (and final) season with only 10 episodes sometime in 2018. So considering that all four seasons thus far have debuted in the month of January, February, or March, we can most likely expect to see The Americans return somewhere within that three-month time frame next year. But that still leaves us with quite a bit of time on our hands. So if you love The Americans and are looking for a new show to replace it with during the hiatus, here are your best options...



This Claire Danes-starring series about CIA operatives and terrorist threats will leave you on the edge of your seat and begging for more. Sure, it isn't the most relaxing show out there, but the action-packed storytelling outweighs the stress that comes with it. (Sound familiar?)

The Blacklist


Watching the FBI work with a criminal mastermind like Raymond Reddington proves that allies can sometimes be found in the strangest of places, which is kind of the reverse of what's happening to Stan Beeman who has no idea that the enemy is in his backyard. (Or, if you want to get literal about it, right across the street.)

House Of Cards


Not all secret missions involve physical masks, which Frank Underwood more than proves as he manipulates his way up the political ladder through a series mental maneuvers that would put any chess player to shame. Elizabeth and Philip would love this show since it would solidify that the U.S. government is just as corrupt as they think it is.

Orange Is The New Black


Much like how The Americans has made you empathize with Russian spies, OITNB provides a sympathetic portrayal of those who have committed crimes and shows that there's so much more to these characters than simply their actions of the past.

Agent Carter


Similar to The Americans' Elizabeth Jennings, Peggy Carter is one badass lady who stands up for what she believes in and fights for her country. Sure, they'd be on opposing sides, but other than that these two could make for the best of friends.



A show centered around secrets, lies, and murder? What's not to love?

So turn on those streaming devices and let the marathoning begin!

Images: Ali Goldstein/FX; Giphy (6)