How Much Are NYX's Cosmic Metals Lip Creams?

If you've been drooling over high pigmented, glittery makeup this season, your summer is about to get even better. NYX launched a glittery metal lip gloss line, and the colors are everything. If you've been wondering how much NYX's Cosmic Metals Lip Creams cost, the answer will make you (and your wallet) happy.

NYX's Cosmic Metals Lip Creams retail for $7.50 each for 0.13 fluid ounces of product, which is a total steal when you compare it to Kylie Cosmetic's Metal Mattes, which retail for $18.

The NYX Metals line have 11 shades ranging from violet to rose gold, green, olive, electric blue and silver. These are perfect for a night out, a festival or concert, or just to spice up your everyday look. Unlike the Kylie Cosmetic formulas, these go on and feel like a glossy gloss, so you probably can't repurpose them as eyeliner or blush. But hey, that's a small sacrifice for a killer product at an unbelievable price. Go ahead, stock up!

NYX describes the gloss as a "intense, multidimensional color" with a "creamy smooth" and a "dazzling metallic finish." This is literally the first time since middle school that I've actively sought out a glittering lip gloss, and I can barely contain my excitement. Neither can Twitter.

The lip creams are available online on NYX's website and in Ulta stores in July.

NYX Cosmetics Cosmic Metals Lip Cream, $7.50,

Image: Ourfa Zanali, NYX Cosmetics/Instagram