Zendaya Didn't Make It To The 2016 Tony Awards

When I tell you I stand for Zendaya, I mean it with 110 percent of my being. The 19-year-old quickly became a favorite of mine every time I'd see her step on to the red carpet, and grew on me even more when I followed her on Instagram and saw all her hilarious videos. I was totally looking forward to seeing Zendaya at the 2016 Tony Awards confirming her style-icon status yet again, but unfortunately, she didn't make it.

An amazing role model for young women everywhere, Zendaya tells it like it is. She posts silly videos of herself on her Instagram, preaches about body acceptance, and often pays homage to her parents, calling her mother her own "SHEro." She also happens to have an amazing sense of style. And I'm not the only one that thinks so: Fashion powerhouse V Magazine wrote the teen a letter praising her for not being afraid to take risks. That's big.

On the red carpet, she's not afraid to play with silhouettes and colors, and even her hair, showing up to press events in monochromatic suits, to the Met Gala in a chic bob, and to the Golden Globes in a layered Marchesa gown. She's one of my favorite celebrities to look out for at award shows, because I know that no matter what, she's going to bring it.

According to her Tweets from today, it looks like she was chilling, meeting some of her fans.

How excited would you be?

Imagine that, just walking into Chick-Fil-A and seeing this gorgeous lady?

Just four days ago, she posted a photo of some new killer footwear that I was looking forward to seeing at this award show, perhaps!

But alas, she didn't make it. At just 19, this girl has some serious style, and I can't wait to see how that evolves throughout the years. There are plenty more red carpets for her to slay.