Jorah & Lady Lyanna Mormont Need To Meet On 'GoT'

I am pretty sure we are all still picking our jaws up off the floor after meeting the greatest character to come out of Game of Thrones since Tyrion. Yes, I'm talking about Lady Lyanna Mormont. This 10-year-old child is running things over at Bear Island and she has zero time for your shenanigans. The tiny boss is the niece of former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Jeor Mormont and she is cousin to Jorah Mormont. So, will Lyanna ever meet Jorah on Game of Thrones?

It seems pretty unlikely that these two will come face-to-face anytime soon. There are a few factors here that will keep these cousins pretty far apart for a good, long while. For one thing, they are absurdly far away from each other distance-wise at this moment and secondly, they have two very different journeys happening right now.

Currently, Lady Lyanna Mormont is hanging out with Sansa, Jon, and Ser Davos in the North. Her main focus has shifted from running the damn thing at Bear Island to now being part of (and having men fighting in) the impending Battle of the Bastards to take back Winterfell in the name of the Starks. She is not thinking about King's Landing or the Iron Throne that fans are aware of.

Our poor, lovelorn Ser Jorah is currently hanging with Danaerys and Daario in Essos. Now that Dany has accomplished the impossible by gaining the allegiance of the Dothraki, they are making their way (very slowly) to King's Landing where Dany plans to take the Iron Throne. Last we saw Jorah, he was being instructed by Dany to find a cure for his Greyscale. I'm not exactly sure where he plans to go for that cure but he's still nowhere near the North.

Jorah may be heading back to Mereen, where the new Red Priestess, Kinvara is hanging out. If anyone could possibly help his affliction, maybe Melisandre 2.0 can. This just takes Jorah farther distance-wise from Lyanna and also farther in purpose from her as well. Jorah has a mission to cure his Greyscale because Dany demanded he do that and then return to her side to help her claim the Iron Throne. He has a lot on his plate and going anywhere near Winterfell doesn't seem to be part of his plan of action.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look lile the show is settinf these two cousins up for a reunion anytime soon. Although it would be fun to see their family dynamic, it makes sense to keep them in their current journeys. Let's hope they both end up on the winning team.

Images: HBO (2)/Macall B. Polay