Justin Bieber Gets Into A Fight, But Don't Worry Guys, "Not A Scratch On This Pretty Boy"

According to footage released on TMZ Thursday, Justin Bieber was involved in a brawl in Cleveland on Wednesday night, during which he and a man threw punches at each other so intensely that they ended up wrestling to the ground as a group of people tried to break them up. In TMZ's footage, you can see the guy punch Bieber, who then swings back with a mean right hook, and it all goes downhill after that, as the two fall to the ground. It was that exact moment that the passerby filming the whole thing realized that his video was money. "Oh sh*t, I'm getting on TMZ!" he yelled.

Bustle has reached out to a rep for Bieber for comment, but has not yet heard back.

Though we don't yet know what prompted the fight, TMZ speculates that it could've been some post-NBA finals "trash talk" (Bieber was wearing a Cavaliers jersey).

In any case, it looks like Bieber walked away without a scratch. On Thursday, the "Sorry" singer Instagrammed several selfies in bed, looking entirely, well, normal: no bruises or anything.

"No scratches on this pretty boy," he captioned the first shot, which was up for about an hour before it was deleted. The second selfie, which depicts Bieber lying in bed snarling, is still on his Insta.

Of course, this is far from the first time that Bieber has been involved in a scuffle. In addition to numerous run-ins with the paparazzi, the Biebs was most famously the target of a punch thrown by Orlando Bloom. That story has lived on in Internet lore ever since (the Lord of the Rings actor was heralded as a hero amongst Bieber haters). And while this one might not live up to it, "not a scratch on this pretty boy" is kind of a close second when it comes to storytelling.