This 'Pretty Little Liars' Theory Suggests Charlotte Had Help In The Dollhouse & That Would Change Everything

Fans thought that they had heard it all when Charlotte — aka "Cece Drake" — revealed that she was Big A. After years of torturing the Liars with threatening texts — and then weeks of literal torture in her dollhouse —Charlotte finally revealed why she was playing the A game in the first place. Charlotte revealed her tragic past, which involved her being locked away in Radley by her cruel father and her complicit mother. It was hard not to feel sorry for everything that Big A had been through after that. While Charlotte has definitely been through the ringer, her story was called into question when it was revealed that Charlotte's biological mother was actually Mary Drake, Jessica DiLaurentis' identical twin. Could there be more to Charlotte's story? A new tweet from a Pretty Little Liars associated account suggests that Charlotte had help in the dollhouse, so it's possible we might all have to get ready for a new layer in her story.

The Pretty Little Liars spoiler account That's What -A Said tweets out clues and hints about upcoming episodes of the show, and fans flock to it whenever they have a question they want answered about the show. That's What -A Said's tweets are usually super cryptic in nature, but they bring up some great theories about upcoming episodes. Here is what the account posted regarding Charlotte's dollhouse:

Hmm... interesting choice of words, no? "Behind the curtain" is a euphemism that people often use to refer to something that is initially unseen, but working in the background. One major example of this euphemism come to life is in The Wizard Of Oz, when it is revealed that the wizard is merely a man working behind a literal curtain. Could That's What -A Said be theorizing that someone else was working with Charlotte in the dollhouse? It seems very likely, and another tweet from That's What -A Said could suggest that the person working with Charlotte in the dollhouse is none other than Mary herself:

Mary has seemingly stayed out of public for quite some time, and the dollhouse was no simple operation. If Charlotte was the one torturing the Liars and keeping an eye on them via constant surveillance, someone likely had to make sure that the dollhouse plan would go off smoothly. What if Mary was planning the dollhouse operation, while Charlotte was in Rosewood, lurking, and keeping up appearances as Cece Drake?


It's certainly possible, and would explain how Charlotte was able to be omnipresent: she had help! If mother and daughter really were working together in the dollhouse, it would prove that this duo is far more diabolical than we could have expected — and the Liars should watch their backs.

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