Will Adam & Rachel Get Together In 'UnREAL' Season 2? New Spoilers Aren't Encouraging

If there's one thing that UnREAL is definitely not about, it's love. The Lifetime series may be a behind-the-scenes look at Everlasting, aka the fictionalized version of The Bachelor, but the show is much more about power (as Rachel and Quinn's brand-new tattoos say) than it is about romance. Rachel, Everlasting's producer-turned-showrunner, made a serious mess out of her own love life in Season 1, and now it seems that her past choices are back to haunt her. Rachel screwed over suitor Adam by sabotaging his "fantasy wedding" — and effectively shutting down his spinoff, which would have promoted his hotel — thus seemingly ending their budding romance for good. Now that we know Adam will return to UnREAL Season 2, though, could Rachel and Adam finally get back together? Hold your breath, UnREAL fans, because UnREAL spoilers from TVLine hint Adam and Rachel could be doomed.

Though I'll admit that I totally shipped Adam and Rachel (waaaay harder than I could ever ship Rachel and the perpetually bitter Jeremy) the last thing that Rachel needs in her life is a complicated boyfriend, and Adam is definitely complicated. Fortunately, it seems that Rachel knows that as well. According to actress Shiri Appleby, that's the reason she ignored Adam's call during the premiere of Season 2: “She’s really trying to move on, do her job and get her life together... if she goes back there, it would be too many emotions for her... [Adam's return] definitely throws a wrench into things.”


Could that wrench be Rachel's relationship with a new guy? It's very possible. Though we haven't met him on UnREAL yet, Variety reports that Michael Rady will play Rachel's new love interest. Rady reportedly plays a producer who Rachel will bond with — but given Rachel's on-set reputation, it's hard to imagine her making any romantic relationships with her co-workers not blow up in her face. Even if Rachel really is turning over a new leaf with Rady's character, the UnREAL spoilers from TVLine suggest that things between the producers might not work out for very long — especially if Rachel's bachelor ex decides to walk back into the picture.

Stay strong, Rachel.

Images: Lifetime; Giphy; freyamikaelsen/Tumblr