Kim K Gifts Yeezy Boosts To A Fan On Twitter

Kim Kardashian West: Reality star, actress, socialite, singer (lol), model, business woman, and now, philanthropist. Kim Kardashian helped a man on Twitter cop some Yeezys, proving that she really does care about her and her husband Ye's fans. If this isn't peak Internet, I don't know what is. This just shows that in this magical space we call the Internet, anything can happen. Dream big, kids.

Unless you live under a rock, you know few things are harder to get your hands on than Yeezy's merch. The Kylie Lip Kits are close rivals, and of course, Jordans. There are just certain things that no matter how long you wait for, how many lines you stand in (*cough* Supreme drops *cough*), and how much money you're willing to spend, you're just not going to get it. These extremely popular items sell like hotcakes (that's still a saying, right?), and before you know it, you're looking at that very coveted item on eBay marked up about 500 times its retail price. I relate to this a little too much (I'm looking at you, Puma creepers).

Remember the Mansur Gavriel craze (that's still kind of going on)? Yeah, it's like that, except this time, there are some giving souls on the Internet. Namely: Kim Kardashian, who saw a person (@JoeBleedsBlue) tweet about Yeezy Boost 750s selling out in 13 seconds, with a screenshot of "no longer available" page. It's a bummer, we've all been there.

Lucky for him, Mrs. West herself picked up this tweet and asked what size he is.

I feel the sadness.

Wait for it....

And of course, he reacted with pure joy.

As you can imagine, Yeezy die-hards were feeling some type of way.

Looks like he had quite the day. This serves as encouragement for all of my unanswered tweets complaining about what I can't have. Maybe I'll be just as lucky? Love or hate Kim Kardashian, you have to admit, this is a very nice thing she did for one of her husband's fans.