Will Daveed Diggs Leave 'Hamilton'? He Could Move On Sooner Than You Think

It's tough to imagine anyone taking on the dual roles of Lafayette and Jefferson on with quite the level of virtuosic skill that Daveed Diggs has in Hamilton , but it may be time to start getting used to the idea. After almost a full year on Broadway, contracts are going to start to come due. So, will Daveed Diggs leave Hamilton ?

Most of us haven't been lucky enough to see him perform yet, thanks to the show's notoriously hard-to-score tickets — but you won't even make it halfway through the cast album before you're in love. Unfortunately, it's tough to say how long Diggs will be sticking around the show — as of yet, he hasn't announced any official plans to leave, which hopefully means he won't be departing as soon as Hamilton creator/star Lin-Manuel Miranda. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miranda "has told confidants he will depart the show July 9 to work on other projects." Bustle has reached out to Lin-Manuel Miranda for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

Still, it would certainly seem that it's a topic that's on Diggs mind — after all, it has come up in a couple of interviews. He joked that the show is just as good without him, explaining to The Wall Street Journal, "I get tweets a lot, like ‘Oh I’m coming to see the show in September, please be in it, please be in it.’ Like ‘I don’t want to miss the original company.’ I saw the show without me in it, it was really really good."

He expressed similar statements when talking to ABC News about his soon-to-expire contract, saying, "I don’t know. There’s so many factors — based on other opportunities that are coming — but I clearly love doing the show, and it’s amazing to have done it as many times as we have, and for me to love it as much as I do. It’s still the most fun that I have every day." He then went on to joke that he was leaving the tough decision up to his management — as he put it, "The other way to deal with this is to hire really good people that I trust."

He elaborated on his feelings about the show and his future prospects in a Vogue Magazine profile, explaining, "I love doing the show. My reason to leave wouldn’t be because I got excited about doing something better. It’s just because I’ve lived this life for a long time and ... You need to refill yourself. You need to have other experiences."

It's all still up in the air, but you can surmise that Diggs is at the very least thinking seriously about his next steps — and luckily for all of his fans (even those of us who'll never get to see him perform as Jefferson and Lafayette), the man is in seriously high demand. Hamilton or no, he's here to stay.

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