How To Survive Summer On Your Period

Out of necessity, you've probably figured out some clever ways to deal with your period symptoms, whether it means getting more exercise to alleviate cramps or heading to the couch for a channel-surfing session. And you're all good... until the warm weather rolls around. Dealing with your period during summer can be a challenge, since the best parts of summer — like outdoor activities and warm, sunny days — tend to bring up several issues. What do you do when you want to check your tampon at the beach? Why do you feel extra miserable when you're PMSing in 90-degree weather? How do you have fun when you just feel, well, a bit off?

Menstruation is a fact of nature, and happily, talking about your period seems to be losing its stigma. While there's nothing gross or weird about getting your period, anyone who's discovered a dark stain on their shorts can agree that it's still incredibly annoying. (Especially when you have to deal with it on a monthly basis, for years on end.) We've partnered with Tampax Pearl to make sure that your period doesn't get in the way of having your best summer yet. Read on for some handy tips and tricks.

1. Locate The Closest Bathroom

This is good to do in any case, but it feels like a straight-up non-negotiable when you have your period. Being in the great outdoors is a key part of summer, and so is being in the great outdoors without worrying whether you've had a leak.

2. Get Active

When you're feeling cramped and bloated, the gym seems like the seventh circle of hell. Drag yourself there anyway — even if you're just going to a gentle yoga class! — since exercise can help ease cramps and balance a bad mood. Plus, as with most workouts, you'll feel 10 times better afterwards.

3. Stash Tampons Everywhere

You never know when you'll need a fresh tampon — and you probably won't want to be scrambling for one on the boardwalk. Tampax Pearl Active Tampons are designed to be slimmer without sacrificing protection, so you can comfortably hike, swim, and nap in the grass without worry. Day, saved.

4. Beat The Bloat

Salt makes your body retain water, which can lead to bloat — especially when you're on your period. But there are other seemingly healthy foods that bring on the bloat, too, like broccoli and whole grains. Also, carbonated drinks? Stay far, far away, and stick to water instead. (More on that in a sec.)

5. Hydrate With H2O

It seems contradictory to load up on water if you're already feeling uncomfortable and bloated. But since your body retains water when it's at risk of dehydration, drinking up convinces your body to let go of that extra H2O. On top of that, when you're losing fluid as quickly as you are during your period, you're more likely to get dehydrated and fatigued. That's not even factoring in the summer heat and any outdoor activities — plus that workout — so keep a water bottle on hand 24/7. It's worth it.

6. Cancel Your Bikini Wax

Even if you have a standing appointment at your go-to salon, you'll want to cancel. Promise. You're more sensitive to pain when you're on your period, so what's usually a manageable waxing experience for you can turn into a nightmare. At the very least, pop a pain reliever beforehand, or just opt to shave instead.

This post is sponsored by Tampax.

Image: (1) Gianne Karla Tolentino/Pexels; (4) CC0 License/Pexels; Jens Johnsson/Pexels; Wendy Hero/Pexels