This Throwback Pic Of Lin-Manuel Miranda Proves He Was Once As Young & Scrappy As Hamilton Himself — PHOTO

There are throwback pictures, and then there are throwback pictures. You know the kind. I'm not talking about the sweet childhood photos that celebrities share from time to time, or the ones where they were all glammed up on a red carpet from a couple years ago. I mean the ones that show that a major transformation took place in the years between when the picture was snapped and the present. Case in point, Matthew Morrison shared a throwback picture of Lin-Manuel Miranda, and it is quite possibly the most hilarious and endearing thing to happen to the internet in a long, long while. Especially because it depicts a coming of age story for Miranda, one that echoes Alexander Hamilton's own glow-up.

Despite the fact that Miranda's career was impressive long before Hamilton ever came to fruition, I must say, that his fashion choices were not. But that's OK. I don't fault him and his yellow tinted glasses. I used to wear high heel sneakers and a solitary multi-colored hair extension once upon a time, I don't really have a right to pass any judgement. We've all been there; it's just kind of entertaining to see how far Miranda has come, too.

Morrison noting Miranda's continued success in the caption of the photo, writing, "#fbf Giving [Lin-Manuel Miranda] his little Oscar years ago. Hoping for him to add many more Tony's this weekend!! #coquí #Hamilton." Yes to more Tonys. No to more statement making eyewear.

Not to be outdone, though, Miranda responded to Morrison on Twitter and the Hamilton creator playfully noted that the award being handed off said "Best Fabrizio." A little backstory on the quip: Fabrizio Naccarelli was the role Morrison had in The Light in the Piazza, which he ultimately received a Tony nomination for.

A real Hamilton-like witticism, for sure. Nicely played.