Kylie Jenner Used To Fake Black Lipstick With This

It's no secret that the Lip Kit queen has been obsessed with makeup since the beginning, but she just shared a beauty tip that you probably never thought of before. According to a Kylie Cosmetics Instagram post, Kylie Jenner used black eyeliner as lipstick before the matte trend was cool. You might have thought the inspiration for her unconventional "Dead Of Knight" hue came from her fans, but it looks like Jenner has a history with black lipstick.

Jenner posted a collage of photos proving that she's been wearing black lipstick before it was cool, but there was one tiny detail that might suprise — she wasn't actually wearing lipstick in some of those photos. If you look closely at the caption, Jenner says that she used to use black eyeliner in lieu of lipstick. I've heard of people using liquid lipstick as eyeliner, but I've never heard of doing it the other way around before.

Instantly one question comes to my mind — is it even safe to wear eyeliner as lipstick? In short, yes. According to Teen Vogue, it's a trick that plenty of makeup artists out there use. Remember Rihanna's bright blue lip? Well, Teen Vogue uncovered that it was actually eyeliner as well, albeit paired with an actual liquid lipstick. While a liquid eyeliner might be a tad more drying than a pencil, I guess there really is no difference.

Nude lip colors might be this celebs' favorite, but she's had a long history of dark lip colors as well. Just look at the infamous teal lipstick throwback that the social media star loves to post every now and then. From her hair to her lip color, Jenner has always had a knack for unconventional hues, so I guess it only makes since that she was experimenting with the trend before liquid lipsticks could be found so readily.

However Jenner's obsession with lip color started, people are definitely loving newest dark creation. The Dead Of Knight Lip Kit sold out Friday in just a half an hour. You'd think that black would be the last to go considering how out-of-the-box it is, but I guess Jenner knows her fans well!

If you're bummed that you missed the first round of black Lip Kits, don't worry. Jenner still has her KyMajesty Metal Matte coming out later this month. Or you could always grab that liquid lipstick and sport the dark look while you wait for a Dead Of Knight restock. Here's a few unconventional eyeliner hues that will look as gorgeous on the lips as they do on the eye.

1. Sephora's Surfin' USA

Sephora Waterproof Eyeliner in Surfin' USA, $12,

This color is absolutely gorgeous. Plus it's waterproof, so you know it would make for one long-lasting lipstick.

2. Make Up For Ever's Diamond Gold

Aqua Liner Liquid Eyeliner in Diamond Gold, $23,

It doesn't get more unconventional than this. I'm willing to bet the shine is absolutely gorgeous.

3. Stila's Greenish Blue

Stay All Day Waterproof Liner in Greenish Blue, $22,

Get Jenner's infamous teal pout with this gorgeous greenish blue color.

4. Kat Von D Beauty's Ludwig

Lightning Liner Eyeliner in Ludwig, $20,

I've never seen quite a bright copper lip color like this before.

5. NYX's Extreme Purple

Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Purple, $4.50,

Sure, there's been purple eyeliner, but what about extreme purple?

6. Sephora's Bone White

Wink-It Felt Liner in Bone White, $14,

Or you could just shock everyone with a bright white lip for a change.

7. Femme Couture's Rockin' Rose

Femme Couture Eye Drama Liquid Liner in Rockin' Rose, $7,

If you're really looking to make a statement, amp up the look with some glitter.

Multi-purpose makeup at its finest!

Images: KylieCosmetics/Instagram (1), Courtesy Brands (7)