These Orlando Jewelry Tributes Are Stunning

In light of the recent events in Orlando, you might find yourself reminded of the Martin Luther King quote, "darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that." The mass shooting early Sunday morning at Pulse, a gay nightclub, during Pride Week is as dark as it gets, but to combat the horror, there are plenty of people showing their hope, strength, and support. Some are simply posting their condolences and missives on Twitter, but interestingly, some other people are choosing to showcase their jewelry and body art tributes to the Orlando victims in a truly beautiful way.

The attack by the gunman killed 50 people and wounded 50 others, and it might seem like an affair that could divide a country with its darkness. It's pretty amazing, though, that there are so many people coming together to show their support for the victims and their drive to end gun violence, seen by their use of jewelry and body art. The creative pieces of flair, which social media users are sharing in solidarity with the victims, are hugely moving, and they're an easy way for anyone wanting to show their support to get involved. These are some of the most touching jewelry and body art tributes to the Pulse victims.

What a beautiful way to honor the victims, their families, and our country as a whole as we all deal with this unspeakable darkness.

Images: Twitter/Jarlie86, Twitter/SingtoBelive,Twitter/MOakenshield, Twitter/@DrWellsAtESU, Twitter/@Bluesilvahalo,Twitter/ Suzie_Q78 , Twitter/Samantha12Jane