Beyonce Just Made a Fan World Famous

Look, I know we're in an era where we have to look at everything through a lens of sociological analysis and feminism-related skepticism, and I know that one of those things we have to look at that way is Beyonce. I know she's not perfect, nor do I want her to be, but she seems like a goddess. But not like literally a goddess, you know? And she still poops like everyone else. But you guys she's still great. Beyonce sang "Happy Birthday" to a fan at a concert in Birmingham, and it was just as charismatic and sweet as one could expect.

The fan in question, who is known on Instagram as shehnazkhan, follows in the footsteps of the faux-photobombed Valentina and now can be known as one of the "fans Beyonce has made famous just by acknowledging them."

This fan was celebrating her 22nd birthday at the Birmingham Beyonce concert (a damn fine place for a birthday celebration if I do say so myself if I do say so myself), and Beyonce made note early on of that, recognizing the girl's birthday regalia. Then she went and busted out a full-on birthday tune, reminding us of Marilyn Monroe's birthday serenade to President John F. Kennedy in 1962, only less breathy and without the uncomfortable adultery undertones.

Check it out:

Image: shehnazkhan/instagram