Jim Parsons "Non-Ice" Ice Dances In 'SNL' Promo

Saturday Night Live is returning from hiatus with a new episode this week and, as always, they've given us a taste of what's to come. Host Jim Parsons SNL promos were released for our viewing pleasure on Tuesday. Parsons shot his previews with Bobby Moynihan and they covered a range of topics from The Big Bang Theory's suspected use of a laugh track to the Winter Olympics.

Standouts from this series of promos include Moynihan telling Parsons that he's cooler in person and Parsons not having a similar compliment in response. Moynihan begs for one and Parsons leave the conversation by pretending he got a phone call from someone named "Myrnal." It's pretty silly, but it also seemed like it might have been improved which would be a good sign for Parsons hosting duties going well on Saturday. Parsons and Moynihan also show off their "non-ice division" ice dancing moves which include a lot of flailing arms and an appropriate pose at the end.

These promos can be pretty hit or miss (usually miss), so the fact that some of Parsons clips are actually funny is promising. Saturday will be Parsons' first time hosting SNL. He will be joined by musical guest Beck.