North West Channels Lil Kim & It’s Only The Latest In Her Parade Of Amazing Costumes — PHOTOS

North West knows how to dress! Given that both her reality-star mom, Kim Kardashian, and controversial rapper dad, Kanye West, have shared iconic fashion moments in recent history, little Nori has taken on the task of stealing the show and spotlight whenever she plays dress-up at home. Without a doubt, North West has become the most fashion forward 2-year-old in Hollywood, and thanks to social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, we all get to relish in the wardrobe of this mini style powerhouse. Case in point? In the most recent episode of What North Wore: Insane Dress-Up Game Edition, the North West channeled iconic rapper Lil' Kim on her mama's personal Snapchat, donning a circa '99 purple wig — complete with matching scandals and gown, of course!

As you may recall, the vibrant and over-the-top rapper made waves when she infamously walked the MTV Video Music Awards in early September 1999 wearing an purple hairpiece and purple mermaid onesie. It's obvious then that Nori just understands jaw-dropping fashion and is willing to replicate any look, at any age, and any price. Not to mention, it's a total movie Aunty Kylie would make, proving she can take inspiration from just about anyone. And guys, it's just too adorable!

In further honor of this widdle star's epic dress-up movement, here's a round-up of even more legendary 'fits North has creatively worn, proving she is the queen of approaching dressing up from many influences.

1. Dressing Up Like Daddy

Seeing as Nori's dad knows how to rock shutter sunglasses and has a few groundbreaking fashion collections, why not pull a one-chain Yeezy?!

2. Dressing Up As An Adorable Skunk

Furry and smelly-friends can be used as inspo here and there, too.

3. Dressing Up Like A Ladybug

Uhh, didn't you know ladybugs bring good luck? Obvi, Nori did. Get with it, y'all!

4. Dressing Up As A Few Disney Crossovers

Because when you are that young, why choose just one?

5. Dressing Up As Fashion Powerhouse André Leon Talley

The picture is really worth a thousand words. This man was once an editor-at-large of Vogue magazine. He lives fashion and dressing up.

6. Dressing Up As Queen Elsa

Who doesn't want to be a badass ice queen with a long blonde braid? Count me in.

7. Dressing Up As A Mermaid

I think I speak for every one when I say, I am sooo jealous right now.

8. Dressing Up As The One And Only Minnie Mouse

Because everyone wants to be in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

9. Dressing Up Like A Perfect Unicorn

Could anything be more perfect than this?!

Seriously, who else is reconsidering their entire existence right now! North has taken the dress-up world by storm, and I, for one, want to know where I can get myself a purple princess dress. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?!

Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram