Nicole Kidman Joins 'Top Of The Lake' Season 2

I remember that, growing up, there was a very clear distinction between actors who did movies and actors who did television, and very little mixing between. But that seems to all have changed, because Nicole Kidman has joined the cast of Top Of The Lake Season 2. Yeah that's right, Nicole "I've Won A Literal Oscar" Kidman, who's been a prominent movie star and member of the A-List for over a decade now, is the newest addition to the cast of Top Of The Lake, a BBC Two/Sundance Channel series premiering in theaters approximately never, on account of the fact that it's a television drama. There was a time when that kind of crossover of a movie actress to television would be unheard of, but it's also proof of how far we've come in blurring the lines between TV and film.

And why shouldn't we? A great actor is a great actor, as far as I'm concerned, and Kidman has more than proven herself in that regard — remember that little golden man I referenced earlier? And it's not as if Top Of The Lake is anything to sneeze at. Not only does it star multiple Emmy nominee Elisabeth Moss, but the show has been showered in nominations and awards in its own right, scooping up a Creative Arts Emmy in 2013, and a Best Actress Golden Globe for Moss in 2014. So if anything, it's the perfect match for Kidman to join the show's impressive cast, especially as this season will film in her native Australia instead of its original New Zealand, centering around an unidentified body washing up on Bondi Beach in Sydney.

Apparently it took almost a year to get Kidman signed on for the project, which makes it all the more exciting that she's joining the ranks of such movie-cum-television stars as Matthew McConaughey and Rachel McAdams from Seasons 1 and 2 of True Detective, respectively, Halle Berry, who joined Extant, Maggie Gyllenhaal who was lauded in An Honourable Woman, and many more actors who have made the once-difficult transition to small screen from silver screen. It's a career move that used to hold some stigma, as if it was a step down or something. But, with the bar being set on television as aggressively high as it is right now, the quality of a lot of TV has pretty much come up to the same level of movies.

And thank goodness it has, because it means we get to see more work from some of the greatest talents in the world, like Nicole Kidman. It's a win-win, and I can't wait to see how Kidman meshes with the rest of the cast — including Game of Thrones ' Gwendoline Christie — when Top Of The Lake returns for Season 2.

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