Justin Bieber Gets Emotional Over Grimmie Tribute

After the news broke of The Voice singer Christina Grimmie's harrowing passing, fans and musicians closest to Grimmie, including pop singer Justin Bieber, have been struggling to comprehend the senseless event that took place on the evening of June 10. Following her Orlando, Florida concert, Grimmie was shot and killed by a gunman who opened fire on her while she was signing autographs alongside the band Before You Exit. Grimmie was immediately rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where she later died due to her injuries. She was only 22 years old.

Just three days before her death, Grimmie opened up about her dreams of working with huge stars, like her friend Bieber. And it was the fact that these two had a friendship that likely caused Bieber to get emotional during his tribute to Grimmie at his Canadian concert stop in Winnipeg.

According to Hollywood Life, while performing the song "Purpose," Bieber lay down on stage while overcome with emotion. He then called out to the "With Love" singer, saying, "Grimmie, can you hear me?" After getting choked up, Bieber quickly wiped tears from his eyes and came to his feet to finish the performance.

During Grimmie's June 7 interview with Pop Crush, the talented artist revealed, “I’d love to open for [Justin] Bieber it would be awesome, that would definitely be the crowd I would want to play to.” It's clear that both Bieber and Grimmie's similar age and humble beginnings on Youtube struck a chord with each of them. Bieber's sincere and heartbreaking tribute to the singer is truly devastating, but it echoes the sentiment of all those who were touched by Grimmie's incredible talent and beautiful heart.