Did 'Wolverine 3' Just Reveal A Huge Spoiler? The Domain Names Fox Bought Offer Big Clues

When he next dons those trademark adamantium claws, it will be Hugh Jackman's last time as Wolverine. After 17 years and 10 films, the Oscar-nominated actor will be done playing the world's favorite fast-healing mutant, which will likely make his third Wolverine solo movie one of the most highly-anticipated action movies of next year — and we don't even know what it's called yet. Or do we? As first noticed by the website Crunchbace, 20th Century Fox has registered two domain names that pertain to their upcoming comic book movie. Could one of them be the Wolverine 3 official title?

The first of the two domain names is undoubtedly the more innocuous of the two: www.wolverineweaponx.com. Does that mean the title of the movie will be Wolverine: Weapon X? Possibly. Although Wolverine's backstory with the government genetic research program has been well-documented in the likes of X2: X-Men United and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there's probably more story there to tell before the character signs off for good.

But the second of the domain names is bar far the more interesting: www.thedeathoflogan.com. Will Hugh Jackman's franchise finale end with the immortal mutant finally shuffling off this mortal coil? And if so, would Fox really ruin it for everyone by naming the movie Wolverine: The Death Of Logan??


Of course, Titanic wasn't ruined just because you already knew the ship would sink at the end, and Romeo And Juliet isn't any less tragic knowing both title characters will wind up dead. So maybe Fox really will put a fatalistic spin on this three-quel, and build buzz (and audiences) by plainly advertising the fact that, yes, this will be Jackman's last time suiting up as Wolverine.

Then again, maybe the "death" will end up being more of the metaphorical variety — this seems possible, given that Wolverine 3 will be at least partly based on the popular storyline " Old Man Logan" that ran in 2008-'09. Those eight issues featured an aging Wolverine who lived in a post-apocalyptic landscape ruled by supervillain overlords who had wiped out most of the heroes. After a traumatic event in his past, Logan tried to kill himself — and although his body obviously regenerated, he declared the Wolverine side of himself dead for good.

Granted, The Death Of Logan teased by the domain name and the death" of Wolverine storyline that takes place in "Old Man Logan" are sort of polar opposite ideas, finishing off totally separate aspects of the character's personality. So it will be interesting to see how Fox plans to tackle their most popular character's swan song.

But whether Wolverine 3's subtitle ends up being The Death Of Logan or Weapon X, things are definitely looking rough for the superhero. In a series of set pictures published by Just Jared, we can get our best glimpse yet at Jackman in character alongside co-star Patrick Stewart, once again in the wheelchair as Professor X. By the looks of Jackman's grey hair, even if Wolverine 3 doesn't end up being a direct adaptation of the storyline, we'll definitely be getting some Old Man Logan:

Of course, it could turn out that neither of these domain names are the official title of Wolverine 3 — but remember, a quietly registered domain name is the exact same way we found out the title of Spider-Man: Homecoming over a week before Marvel Studios officially announced it.

Whatever it's actually called, Wolverine 3 will hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

Images: 20th Century Fox; Giphy