Where To Buy Kylie Jenner’s Bomber Jacket

When Kylie Jenner loves to wear something, her fans always take note. This time, it's not the Jenner sister's crop tops or lip color I'm loving — it's the bomber jacket she seems she can't live without. If you're wondering where to buy Kylie Jenner's brown bomber jacket from Instagram, look no further.

If you're a fan, then you probably already know that Jenner's bomber jackets are mostly from Alpha Industries. She has one in almost every color, and this coppery brown version is the newest addition. Even though she may be channeling some serious Top Gun vibes with them, it's a totally easy look that you can steal, and dress up or down on cooler summer nights.

Jenner has been on point with her looks lately, so there's no surprise if we'll be seeing more people wearing similar styles. Bomber jackets may be considered to be more of a fall staple, but leave it up to Jenner to rock one in the summer — it's the perfect accessory for a chilly date night or while traveling on a cold airplane.

Of course, what's old is always new again, and Jenner is bringing back this jacket style that is technically called an MA-1 and originated in the 1940s during World War II, according to Complex.

So cute, right?

Alpha Industries L-2B Scout Bomber Jacket, $135,

The Alpha Industries jackets are a little bit pricey, so I've rounded up a few more options to cop Jenner's style while on a budget:

1. Story Of Lola Silky Bomber Jacket

Story Of Lola Silky Bomber Jacket, $73,

Try Jenner's metallic look with a rose-gold color that is perfect for summer.

2. Quilted Bomber Jacket

Quilted Bomber Jacket, $59.90,

With a little longer length, this jacket is the perfect accessory for the crop top/high-waisted bottom duo.

3. Ivy Park Hexagon Mesh Bomber Jacket

Ivy Park Hexagon Mesh Bomber Jacket, $82,

For a more casual option, snag one of Beyoncé's pieces from her new Ivy Park collection.

Images: Courtesy of Brands