Kanye West's Video Game Trailer Is A Tribute To His Mom & Looks Super Emotional — VIDEO

It was way back in 2015 that Kanye West announced that he was making a video game, and on Monday the world got a little bit closer to actually being able to play it. At the E3 Press Conference in Los Angeles, the trailer for Kanye's Only One game was unveiled, and it looks totally epic. Only One is being developed by Encyclopedia Pictura, who have worked on music videos for the likes of Grizzly Bear and Björk. According to the official website for the game, "You'll play as Kanye's mom, Donda, flying through the gates of heaven." West's mother sadly passed away in November 2007, and, as a tribute to her, Only One is all kinds of epic and shows the rapper's devotion to her. Kanye's new video game looks super emotional, and its visuals are stunning.

Previously shown briefly during Kanye's live debut of The Life of Pablo, the released trailer for Only One may be just 44 seconds long, but it packs so much in. It starts out with a person raising into the air in a beam of light, presumably ascending to heaven. The next shot shows several other people, too, flying up through the clouds, heading towards the sun. Drifting and spinning through the air, and dressed in white outfits, the characters look like angles leaving earth. And, as if that wasn't beautiful enough, the trailer then cuts to a person riding on a huge beautiful horse, and not just any horse — with enormous white wings, the horse is Pegasus from Greek mythology, galloping across clouds, and up through the sky.

XCageGame on YouTube

As Bustle reported in February 2015, "the game will be an interactive version of Dante's Paradiso in which you play Virgil and Kanye's mom is Dante." As Paradiso is about the journey a person's soul makes as it ascends to heaven, it seems likely that West's video game will follow a similar structure to Dante's poem. Notably, the soul is said to journey through nine spheres of Paradise to reach heaven — does this mean there will be nine levels to complete in Only One?

Before the trailer ends, we're shown a figure who seems to have lightning pulsing through them, indicating that they're undergoing an important transformation. Before the game's title appears, the character is seen hovering in front of the brightest light, which is glittering, overpowering and endless. The trailer makes one thing clear — Kanye's vision for his mom's afterlife is completely beautiful.

It's no surprise that Kanye West's video game Only One looks straight up awesome, and I get the impression that the trailer gives us the tiniest insight into just how amazing it's going to be.

Images: XCageGame/YouTube