Emilia Clarke Films A 'Game Of Thrones' Scene We All Hope Never Actually Happens — VIDEO

As Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) made her timely return in last episode of Game of Thrones, this week she's showing us once again how important her presence is to Tyrion and Grey Worm — via her Instagram. Specifically, via a behind the scenes video Clarke filmed of Grey Worm and Tyrion. On the post, Clarke writes, "The truth behind my warriors...#Tbt the time when the boys were missing the rest of the boys. Girls had a camera." The video features an unusually happy Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) jokingly saying "Put this in your pipe and smoke it" while twirling (and then dropping!) a knife. Three things (joking, twirling, dropping) that Grey Worm would never do. Clarke then turns the camera to Tyrion — aka Peter Dinklage — and what happens next might give you heart palpations.

Tyrion picks up the dropped knife and pretends to be stabbed. Besides seeing the usually solemn former slave fighter Grey Worm so completely out of character, the jarring notion of Tyrion dying at the hands of a knife might send the internet into a tizzy. Without giving any spoilers for the rest of the video, let's just say that, all the while, khaleesi giggles on in the background. Watch the video below.

Is this some kind of foreshadowing? It seems like an innocuous stunt — just three on-set pals hanging out, making jokes, and being overall pretty wonderful — but something like this could happen in the future. It's been incredible that Tyrion has survived this long, but fans would be lying if they said they never worried about his fate. (You can't watch the show and not worry about everybody's fate.) However, now that Daenerys has returned, Tyrion's future seems a bit brighter. While his recent political moves have been questionable, perhaps Daenerys can get him back on the right path.

In the video, Clarke says "Thank God for that" when Tyrion is saved. It's a sentiment that Daenerys herself would probably echo, given if this actually happened on Game of Thrones. And, well, us too. What I'm trying to say is — Tyrion, if you can help it, please don't die.

Images: HBO