31 Lena Headey Tweets That Show The 'Game Of Thrones' Star Is Even More Badass Than Cersei Lannister

Say what you want about Cersei Lannister and her mostly (always?) sinister intentions, but you have to admit that the lady has what it takes to ultimately win the game of thrones. That kind of ruthless M.O. requires someone quite bold to embody such a strong willed and purposeful character, and if her tweets are any indication, GoT star Lena Headey is just as badass as Cersei. You know, if Cersei was at all a benevolent being.

While Headey is not ornery like her fictional counterpart, it's important to note that Cersei isn't all bad. She's at least partially dipped her toe into the morally gray area from time to time. There are instances where Cersei's complicated mind has actually been quite enjoyable, and that's where Headey's similarities to her shine. The actor has that same lively spunk and quick wit as the golden haired former queen, and it's quite entertaining to watch those kind of musings unfold in real time on your Twitter feed. Headey has got the whole tweeting thing down pat.

Here are some of her most clever tweets that prove that Headey is even more badass than Cersei Lannister could ever hope to be.

1. Her Passion For Food Is Universal

Amen, girl.

2. Seriously

Sounds delicious!

3. Her Harshest Tweets Are About Digested Food

There's the Cersei in her.

4. She Has Such A Down-To-Earth And Friendly Discourse Going With Fans

A+ celeb behavior.

5-8. And With Her Co-Stars For That Matter

Lannisters and Starks may not mesh well in Westeros, but IRL, they go together like PB & J.

9-11. She Is All Of Us When It Comes To Reckless Teen Driving

I concur. I concur so hard. Get off my lawn (and my highway).

12-14. She's An Epic Game Of Thrones Tease

Well played, Headey. Well played.

15. She's Incredibly Real

And gorgeous.

16-22. She Isn't Afraid To Speak Her Mind

Especially when it comes to giving unparalleled advice.

23. She Gets What's Important In Life


24-27. She's Super Inspirational (With A Kick)

Going to frame these tweets to hang over my mantle.

28. She Makes Sure We Know She's Fallible...

This somehow makes her even cooler in my book.

29. Just Like The Rest Of Us


30. And That She's Completely Self-Aware

So refreshing.

31. Basically, She's Just The Best

In a totally unfiltered and unapologetic way.

Cersei may have lost the throne, but Headey is a certified Twitter queen.