This ‘Southern Charm’ Season 3 Reunion Spoiler Will Leave Fans With So Many Questions — PHOTO

Thank the periwinkle skies above, for the the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion filming commenced on Tuesday. It truly is a bittersweet moment; As much as I do not want to bid this stupendous show farewell, I am so stoked to see all of the inevitable madness that's bound to happen at the post-season sit-down. (The second I think about estranged exes Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel being in the same reunion room, my hands turn into little swimming pools of sweat.) To whet our appetites for the reunion, The Daily Dish shared a photo of the Southern Charm Season 3 seating chart.

For the last few minutes, I’ve been staring at the chart. And yeah, I have some questions.

  • Was Andy Cohen terrified to be sandwiched between T-Rav and Kathryn?
  • Will Andy Cohen spend the entire reunion holding back T-Rav with his right arm and Kathryn with his left?
  • Are Landon and T-Rav on speaking terms?
  • Are Cameran and T-Rav on speaking terms?
  • Did Cameran and Landon sweep the “Something’s Coming” dinner party speech under the rug?
  • Or is the tension between Cameran and Landon vs. T-Rav palpable?
  • Should I be reading into where Whitney's seated?
  • Is he sitting on the end for a reason?
  • Like, does Whitney sneak away at some point, grab his guitar, and surprise the cast with a performance of "I Love You So Much"? [Twitter Embed:]
  • Wait, why aren't Craig and Kathryn seated next to each other?
  • Isn’t Craig Kathryn’s closest friend in the cast?
  • Or did all of his talking head questions about paternity drive a wedge between them?
  • Wait, it's version two?
  • What happened to version one?
  • Was version one too intense?
  • Did version one seat T-Rav next to Kathryn next to Landon next to Shep or something?
  • Is that the seating chart of my dreams/nightmares?
  • Maybe I love you, hypothetical seating chart version one?
  • Maybe I love you, version two?
  • Maybe I love you, Season 3 reunion?

The third season of the Bravo reality series has been as perfect as a baby hedgehog in a bassinet, and I will eat my weight in marzipan pigs if the reunion doesn’t follow suit.

Images: Mathieu Young/Robert Ascroft/Bravo; realhousewivesgifs/tumblr