These Mark Quotes From 'ER' Are Inspiring

If I ever need a few precious words of wisdom, there is one TV character I happily turn to every time, and that character is ER 's Mark Greene. Dr. Greene was an old soul right from the start. I guess when your best friend is Doug Ross, you have no choice but to become an advice-dispensing machine. The world may never know how Mark honed his skills, but the man was like a walking motivational poster most of the time.

Now, just because Mark was wise in the ways of motivation does not mean he was always upbeat. His life had its share of tragedies, and as a result, he was not above handing out tough love when his colleagues needed it. Part of what made Mark such a great leader was his gift of knowing exactly what someone needed to hear. Whether he was talking Dr. John Carter down from a panic attack on his first day of work, or being the best dad he could be to his daughter Rachel, Mark always found the right words to say, even if the people in his life were not always open to his wisdom.

These 12 Mark Greene quotes should absolutely be hanging on your wall alongside your "Hang in there" kitten poster, and I've provided some situations in which you can use them. When it comes to motivational quotes, Mark is your man.

1. When You Need To Take It Easy On Yourself

"See, there's two kinds of doctors. The kind that gets rid of their feelings. And the kind that keeps them. If you're going to keep your feelings, you're going to get sick from time to time. That's just how it works."

Doctor or not, Mark's advice to Carter is applicable to anyone who leads with their heart.

2. When You Need Work Advice

"It’ll be the sum total of what you’ve done that counts, not the passion."

Passion is important, but it is not the only thing that matters when you reflect back on your life's work.

3. When You Need To Be Realistic

"We can't fix everything."

Sure, it is not a peppy slice of wisdom, but it is a necessary one.

4. When You Need A Reminder To Be Kind

"Be generous... always."

Some of Mark's final and wisest words.

5. When Knowledge Is Being Passed On

"See one, do one, teach one."

Mark was referring to a medical procedure, but his encouragement could apply to any knowledge gained, tested, and shared.

6. When You're Saying Some Snack Food Truthiness

"Ding Dongs, Ho Hos. Same food, just different shape."

A wise observation about snack food that also passes for a sage adage on how much people are alike even when they can't see it.

7. When Being Honest With Yourself Is The Only Way

"Denial is a funny thing; it keeps you from asking the tough questions."

This poster would be too real to look at sometimes, but it would also be an undeniable motivator.

8. When Your Chronically Cautious Self Gets Life Advice

"I've given it a lot of thought, and I've decided to be spontaneous."

I would hang this on my wall so fast. For anyone who overthinks everything, this could be a life motto.

9. When You Need Motivation To Go To Work

"Each day we work together as a family because we're a family."

This is perfect for any small office setting in which all the employees have close ties.

10. When You Just Have To Take A Leap Of Faith

"We cannot be scared. I would hate to miss another boat."

Imagine seeing this when you had to make a big decision — it would totally push you in the right direction.

11. When You Could Use A Reminder To Always Be Considerate

"Your attitude can get in the way of achieving your goals."

The right attitude can take you everywhere. The wrong one, not so much.

12. When You Want The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

"Don't believe that you're not just as good as your brother. Just as smart, just as special. One day, they may realize that. But you can tell them it doesn't matter, because you already knew. You knew before they did."

Substitute "brother" for whatever is most applicable to your situation, and you have an instant confidence boost.

Proof: Dr. Mark Greene truly was the wisest doctor to ever roam the halls of County General.

Images: Warner Brothers Television; fyeaher/Tumblr (12)