'Real Housewives' Know What It's Like Being Single

When it comes to words of wisdom, you'd be surprised by how wise those Real Housewives are. Since they are a group of women who have been married, divorced, widowed, and everything in between, when it comes to dating, they have had some choice words on the subject. In fact, some of the best quotes from the show are quotes about being single from the Real Housewives themselves. No one can dish it out or lay it down as easily as those Housewives do. And, when it comes to dating, hooking up, or just generally being alone for an extended period of time, these women know all the right things to say.

Even when they're saying the wrong things, they're saying those wrong things right, because the Real Housewives have some real wisdom to share when it comes to what it's like being single. And they're totally willing to lay it out there for all the world to see: everything from what it's like to not be touched for months at a time to what the rules are for every singleton on the market these days. (Warning: dating married men is not one of them.)

Whether you're single and looking for a little advice, or just looking for a little support, these Real Housewives have just the thing you need to hear, exactly when you need to hear it. So let these quotes about being single be the tonic to your loneliness. Trust me, the Real Housewives are here to help.

1. When The Psychic Described All Of Your Past Relationships Perfectly

Clearly, this woman is good at her job for a reason.

2. When Kim Nailed Your Dating Philosophy

Who knew you had so much in common with a woman who dated a man named Big Poppa?

3. When NeNe Laid The Ground Rules For Dating

I mean, if I have to.

4. When Kandi Wasn't Picky

When you're single and thirsty, you don't have the time to be picky. Beggars can't be choosers, am I right?

5. When Brandi Wrestled With Being Single And Independent

It's not every single girl's struggle, but it happens.

6. When Tamra Broke Girl Code And Spilled Vicki's Secrets

First of all: No. Don't do that, Tamra. Second of all: It happens.

7. When Kim Defended Her Dating History

Haters gonna hate. And those people in relationships are going to love hating on all of your dating decisions.

8. When Lisa Hit Your Third Date Fears On The Head

Here's hoping he's laughing with you, not at you.

9. When Carole Described Every Successful Date You've Been On

It's pretty vague, but it's spot on. (No, but, seriously, don't do this.)

10. When Vicki Was Every Singleton Talking To Their Married Friends

Because sometimes you feel helpless and alone and want someone else to solve all your problems. Isn't that what married friends are good for?

11. When NeNe Knew What Was Up

Three months without a third date? The thirst sometimes is real.

12. When Carole Set Your Standards For Almost All First Dates

Yep, that about sums it up for some ladies.

13. When Vicki Was You After Too Many Dates

This is one of the many perks of being single, actually. Enjoy it.

14. When Ramona Prioritized Flirting Over Friendship

I'm a free woman, thank you, and I'll do what I want.

15. When Carole Gave You The Secret To Successful Dating

It's like the opposite of Cinderella: after midnight, we all turn into princesses.

16. When The Dating World Seems Smaller Than You Realized

Oops. Happens.

17. When There Are No Words

Because some truths just don't even need them.

Aren't those women wise? These quotes about being single are quotes we should all live and die by. Or at least live and date by.

Image: NBCUniversal; Giphy (17)