Why Did Kubra & Aydin Want To Kill Alex On 'Orange Is The New Black'? She Won't Be Safe With Them Around

While most of the prisoners in Orange Is the Black enjoyed a rare peaceful and fun time at the lake behind Litchfield at the end of Season 3, one inmate's life hangs in the balance. After spending Season 3 paranoid she was being followed, Alex on Orange Is the New Black appeared to be right to think that her old boss Kubra Balik wanted her dead. Kubra's hitman Aydin became a guard for Litchfield and approached Alex when she was alone in the greenhouse. Alex pleaded, "You don't have to do this," but Aydin menacingly responded, "Yeah, I do." The normally tough Alex was last seen cowering, but why would Aydin want to kill Alex? You gotta go back to the first episode of Season 2 for that answer.

In "Thirsty Bird," Piper and Alex were sent to Chicago to testify at the trial of Alex's drug boss Kubra, who had been extradited from Europe. Alex told Piper to lie on the stand and not say they knew Kubra to protect themselves because "revenge is part of his business model, OK? Sick, deep revenge." Despite Howard Bloom's (Piper's lawyer and Larry's dad) advice to tell the truth under oath to help the federal investigators put Kubra in jail, she listened to Alex and lied on the stand. Although it seemed like a terrible idea at the time since Howard quit as her lawyer because of her lie, Piper committing perjury might have been the right — if illegal — call based on Alex's position at the end of Season 3.

Alex told the truth about Kubra on the stand and received a deal that released her from jail early for helping the FBI. However, the promise that Kubra would be put in prison for good based on Alex's testimony ended up not being true. Alex told Piper over the phone in Episode 11 of Season 2, "Take a Break from Your Values," that there was a mistrial due to the mishandling of evidence and Kubra was released. Considering that she testified against the powerful drug dealer, she has been fearing for her life since she was released from prison.

While Alex had to stay in New York City as part of her probation, she decided to leave the state so that Kubra and his gang could not find her. So, Piper took matters into her own hands and had Larry and Polly report to Alex's probation officer that she was fleeing, landing her back in Litchfield for Season 3.

As shown in Alex's flashback in Episode 8 of Season 3, "Fear, and Other Smells," Kubra had Aydin kill Fahri in front of Alex for being responsible for one of Kubra's drug traffickers getting arrested. So Alex knows firsthand how brutal Kubra can be, which is why she was suspicious of Lolly's appearance at Litchfield. Although she was completely wrong about the delusional Lolly being a mole for Kubra, she was 100 percent right to fear that Kubra knows of her whereabouts since Aydin appeared at the jail.

Alex wasn't shown in the Season 4 trailer of Orange Is the New Black, so there is the possibility that Aydin kills her. But other promos have shown that Alex will appear in Season 4, so rest easy that she isn't going to let Kubra take her down without some sort of a fight.

Images: JoJo Whilden (2), Jessica Miglio/Netflix