Why Is Charlie Sheen The Spokesman For Hex Condoms? Here Are 5 Other Celebrities Who Support Sex Products

LELO HEX, a new condom with a hexagonal internal web that aims to fit better, slip less, and prevent breakage, just launched this week. They also introduced their controversial celebrity spokesperson, leading a lot of people to question why Charlie Sheen is the spokesman for HEX condoms. But considering Sheen's announcement of his HIV-positive status last year and the discussion about safe sex and condom use that followed it, the company feels he's actually the perfect fit.

In a press release, LELO CMO Steve Thomson explained that they are trying to completely shift the way we view, talk about, and use condoms. "Something needs to change, and for that we wanted a partner who was truly engaged on the topic," Thomson said. "Charlie’s personal condition is a tragic reflection on sexual health today, but he is also a symbol of change with the strength and courage to confront the key issues head on. He has gone out of his way to fully involve himself in the HEX project, and we hope his participation will put innovation at the center of the debate. He’s been a pleasure to work with, far beyond all expectations.”

It makes sense that someone who has such a huge impact in reigniting the safe sex dialogue would be involved. And he certainly seems dedicated to the project. "Announcing my HIV condition gave me a new sense of purpose in speaking actively on sexual health," Sheen told LELO. "That’s why LELO HEX is such an important project for me. Not only is it a revolutionary product that is ready to go — it’s something radically different that can help curb the rise of STIs and reduce the stigma on condom usage. If you want to change how people see condoms — a great place to start is by changing the condom itself."

And considering the rising STI rates and low condom usage rates, maybe it is time for a change. He's not the first celebrity who's come out to endorse sex products. Here are some other celebrity sex endorsements you may have missed:

1. Lady Gaga With Jeremy Scott For Proper Attire Condoms


Lest we forget, Lady Gaga had a condom line. Complete with neon colors and animal prints, obviously.

2. Kris Jenner For Zestra

zestra on YouTube

I love infomercials. Listening to Kris Jenner talk about Essential Arousal Oil is like the infomercial you never knew you needed.

3. 50 Cent Magic Stick Condoms


Because of his song 'Magic Stick', 50 Cent launched a condom line to try to encourage guys to have safer sex.

4. Emma Watson And OMGYes


OMGYes is the female pleasure site that everyone should use, because it will teach you so much. Emma Watson announced she had a membership, which means I finally have something in common with Emma Watson.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow Loves LELO Inez

In a sex-themed issue of GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow recommended the $15,000 LELO INEZ, which is made of 24-karat gold.

Images: Courtesy of LELO (2); Giphy (4); LELO